Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 61, Laval to St. Jerome, Quebec

Day 61, my last day on the great yellow beast (the supply truck)

One last look at the tent village, good luck with the protest

One last peak at the Bell Center

Headin west (slowly)

Surreal driving the supply truck by myself down the highway when I work with a crew of 40!
Near the end of the fall colors, getting colder now

Life has it's good moments, true enough tonight. After getting to the hotel in St. Jerome, and finishing my chores, (arranging parking for the fleet, finding an esso gas station, finding a car wash for the vehicles, and taking all the luggage into the hotel), it was time for dinner. Tonight the crew went to a sugar shack, one of the big traditions in Quebec. Thanks to our Quebec region co-ordinator Natalie for arranging this special evening.

The menu was high in calories, apparently for the boys who had to go out and work in the forest. A lot of the menu included the traditional maple syrup. There were about 7 courses tonight, and I was definately was on a sugar high!

The Cabane a sucre Bouvette had an incredible old time atmosphere, and the smell from the wood stove reminded me of camping and cabins in the woods in the Okanagan. This is off season and the owners opened up especially for us tonight.

the rules

There was a lot of memorabilia on the walls. Apparently beside the farm and forest there was a car race track and a hotel until the highway came through, this is the 64th anniversary of the sugar shack

There was a lot of antiques including this old fashioned gas pump

and these old signs

during the tourist season, this train takes people out into the forest

They had a small barn with farm animals. Here Josh is brave (or foolish enough) to place grain on his head for the goat to chew on. (I wonder if this is how he keeps his hair so short?)

Old fashioned weather vane

One of the hilights of the evening, we went into a sugar shack where they were boiling maple syrup (click to learn more)

The treat of the evening. They lay out the maple syrup on a bed of snow.

Dawn and Wendy show how it is done, roll it onto the stick before it cools too much.

Thanks for the memories, time to go to bed and have a sugar crash!

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