Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 55, 56, and 57 Donnacona to Trois Riviere to Lavaltrie, Quebec

Day 55 was a non relay day. My job today was to advance one shuttle bus from Quebec City to Montreal, about 235 km each way. Here I am following Jeremy in one of the honda pilots, he is my ride back.

Tried to take a picture of Olympic Stadium in Montreal across the St. Lawrence, probably not a good idea when your driving.

Heading across the Champlain bridge into the island of Montreal

GPS, don's fail me now.

Lots of tunnel action
Close to the Delta hotel in Montreal, where we left the bus for a couple of days.

Behind the hotel there was this huge tent city, apparently one of the many protest to Wall Street

soon to be our home for 5 nights

Time to head back to Quebec City for one more night

My duties this week is the transportation generalist, (aka: transgen!), in charge of all the vehicles and their keys for one week, actually more like a babysitting job, lol!

My first duty was to head to Trois Riviere, founded in 1634, to set up parking and find fuel and carwashing facilities
Heading across the St Lawrence once again, this time into Trois Riviere

First glimpse of downtown

At the harbor overlooking the might St. Lawrence

Scooter is in the house!

The founder of Trois -Riviere , Laviolette

Trois-Riviere Cathederal

Louis-Francois Richer Lafleche, catholic bishop of Trois Riviere in the 1800's
Immaculate Conception Parish in Trois-Riviere

Here is a building that was originally built in 1668 and received a major reno in 1729, which is pretty much the way it we see it today.

la manoir de niverville

the old .....
and the new, this clothing boutique

The KFC of Quebec

Day 57, back to Montreal, this time I have to secure parking for the larger vehicles, in a lot about 8 blocks away from the hotel.

Its been a while since I've had to negotiate through big city traffic, the 2nd biggest city in Canada, a far cry from our days in Newfoundland

There it is the Bell Center, the home of...................
The Montreal Canadiens, the Habs, the most storied hockey team of all time.

"got milk?"

A good plug for the Alouettes of the CFL

I was also in charge of moving everyone's luggage from Trois Riviere to Montreal as well. Here some poor soul had a cap come off of a bottle of wine and drain out inside their bag, only to suffer the embarrassment of having all of their things displayed in the hotel lobby!  YES, OF COURSE IT'S ME!

This is the front of our temporary parking lot, an arts and cultural center

back in the bigs

dusk is getting earlier
The big yellow beast, my ride for this week.

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