Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 46 Fredericton to Woodstock, New Brunswick

Actually it was farewell to Fredericton today, an incredible and beautiful city, like so many others we have seen so far on our jounery across Canada

Today, I took Sonny Davis our endurance athlete to the Fredericton airport, he is going home to Kelowna, B.C. Hope to see him again on the relay soon. He was a true inspiration for all of us. He is battling muscular dystrophy

downtown Fredericton, not sure what it was about, was driving (oops) at the time

Christ church catherdral in Fredericton, opened in 1853

Legislative assembly of New Brunswick,  opened in 1882

Sunny, and traffic free, definately not most parts of B.C.
 Pitstop on the way to Woodstock.Funny place to park, and where are the horses?

I think I am about to take a step back in time

One of our medal bearer stops today was in King's Landing Historical Settlement. They have re-created an 19th century New Brunswick village. Today the Rick Hansen relay is being treated to a special Thanksgiving lunch.

Complete with authentic entertainment from this husband and wife duo

The picture says a thousand words

My table, left to right, Marilyn, Wendy, our local RCMP escort, Hank, Michel, who just joined us to take Mike's security spot for a month, Mike, and Natalie

What would thanksgiving be without pumpkin pie, and family (albeit my on the relay family)
Very rural, and the weather for October was awesome

There is Kyle looking very regal and important in this carriage

welcome to king's landing

random furry friend

everything was accurate, even this retail store

Kyle, the bull in the china shop, making the store clerk a little nervous as he hold onto an antique gravvy boat

plenty of parking

even the canadian geese approve

I caught this woman who , dressed in period dress, working at the theatre, was taking a little target practice throwing apples, old school stress relief?

Like a lot of my stories, a lot of bull!

the blacksmith shop

The original settlers knew the spots, didn't they?

back down the highway to Woodstock

End of day celebration in Woodstock was at our Best Western Hotel, it was such a nice day. Left to right, Jess (operations, back from Vancouver), Jane (community advance operations), Natalie (Atlantic region coordinator), and Heather (events manager), taking a moment to enjoy the weather

Courtenay, on the left was one of the medal bearers who also organized our end of day celebration. With him is the final medal bearer of the day, along with the premier of New Brunswick, David Alward

The end of day concluded with a challenge from Courtenay (who works with mobility New Brunswick) challenging the premier to a wheelchair obstacle course-guess who won?

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