Monday, December 26, 2016


Finishing up on the C.W. t.v. show Frequency, another unbelievable commute to work from my home in South Burnaby. Almost a month after the first dump of snow, we are still getting hit, including boxing day!

Creative alley back at the studio, good work by the construction, paint and set decoration departments.

our last days of filming on Frequency were in beautiful, snowy, (but not fun to work in ) New Westminster
part of wrapping the show includes picking up actors and taking them to the airport so they can get home to their families. Early, early this morning I  was picking up on Mainland in Yaletown.  Anyone who knows this area realizes how hard it is to find a parking spot during the day. Total score!

and back at the studio, the sets are put to rest. They will stay for now, until they decide if there will be a season 2 or not.

and the police precinct has been put in hiatus

this looks like a second hand store, but it's the lock-up for the set decoration department. All of this is on hold for now as well.
and that was one cold, snowy night in New Westminster on our last day of filming of Frequency for season 1.
Fast forward 3 days, and all of a sudden I'm on the NBC show Timeless. (I was asked to help out as a favor)
Right away, I was back downtown picking up cast. (a couple of minutes to chill out by Crab Park, overlooking the Port of Vancouver and North Vancouver)

A very cold minus 11 night filming out at a rock Quarry in Pitt Meadows.

The last 2 days of filming for the year were at the old Royal Towers hotel bar in New Westminster. The building was blacked out to make it look like night time. We start the new year right back in the same spot again for episode 12 of Timeless. (uhh, sorry, but I missed the first 11)
When the weather is poor, one sunny day creates a line up at the local car wash.

Is this snowfall number 2? or 3 at my place.

I have to stop obsessing on the weather!

Hard not to though when it affects our shooting day in New West.
Our circus was certainly snowed in.

but a short distance away, on Cambie Street heading downtown, there was little evidence of the white stuff

I had a couple of minutes to wait for a cast pick-up, so I hung out a Jack Poole plaza, overlooking the annual Vancouver Christmas market and the downtown core. 

nice shot of Stanley Park, West Vancouver and the North Shore mountains.

Back in New Westminster, the snow was wet and heavy enough to collapse the roof of the Arenex building at Queen Elizabeth Park.

A winter mess in Tahoe's yard in Burnaby. (they build the trailers that the actors stay in on set)
Well , that's enough for me, time for a bit of a Christmas break!

This is a good start, watching Charlie Brown Christmas!

web wisdom

just checking out the lack of daylight on the shortest day of the year.
ugly Christmas sweater or just wrong Christmas sweater

there are no rules on Christmas trees as far as I know

Santa deserves a raise, and a double rum and eggnog

aww, cute

well timed shot times 2

let me guess, little Damien?

I have to stop complaining about Vancouver traffic

some kids are smarter than we give them credit for.

yah, not like these kids were traumatized for the rest of their lives, geez louise!

awww c'mon, where is the spirit of  xmas???
on that note, happy holidays to all!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Frequency, that's a wrap.

Last episode of the CW show, Frequency. Wow, what a couple of weeks in the Lower Mainland area. After receiving so much rain in the fall, it has turned to snow. Here the grip brothers were having some fun with it.
The day before the work week started I could see a lot of fresh snow on the North Shore mountains.

and then the commute downtown Monday morning to pick up cast..

The Sutton Place Hotel, where I pick up a lot of cast, certainly had the holiday spirit.

The road into our shooting location looked like a Christmas card. This is the third and snowiest time we have filmed at Camp Howdy in Belcarra Regional park outside of Port Moody.

A peekaboo view of Sasamat Lake

It went from snow to rain, and back to snow. We had a snow plow on standby, the road is steep  to get out of Camp Howdy.
As always, the day stretched into a cold wet night.

Good news for the skiers, the next day I could see a lot more snow on the mountains as I cruised north on Boundary road on my way back downtown.

Our last filming day at Riverview Mental Hospital in Coquitlam. What a view.

never mind the snow, a chilly -7 on this night.
and even more snow at a neighbourhood location in New Westminster later in the week. (I wonder how the neighbours like having their street lit up like daylight at 11 o'clock at night?)

It snowed again on the Friday, creating traffic chaos. This intersection on Marine Way by our studio was closed due to an accident. It is one of only two ways in and out on the industrial park. It took me 2 hours to go 3 miles.

Later in the evening, outside our studio, I had the entire parking lot to myself.

You knew it was bad this day when you saw all the red in the traffic map on google.  
Well, season one of Frequency is done, I guess I'm officially unemployed again, but I'll take the break, it's been a very busy year.

which question comes first, for me, it is the pill????
They are preaching to this choir.

Impressive, but really hard to wrap your brain around.

Either won or lost that  bet..

brilliant or........

fun idea

wont lose your car in a mall parking lot that's for sure