Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy New Year!

Wow, am I falling behind. January is almost behind us, and I am still dwelling on pictures from last fall! This was the beginning of construction on a new film stage at Vancouver Film Studios It has since been finished, and it possibly could not be at a worse time. The loss of tax incentives for the B.C. Film Industry means we are losing productions to other provinces like Ontario and Quebec. There is a petition going around to send to the B.C. government. You can sign online here

As I continue to work in the film industry, my travels have taken me back to Steveston, for a location survey for the T.V. show Fringe (Once Upon a Time also uses Steveston as a home base.)

It's a goreous spot if you ever get a chance to come out and see it.

Another spot the film production companies like to use is the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve in North Vancouver
This is in Lynn Canyon Park

Still fall in picture land.

this is Cates Park in North Vancouver looking west back towards Vancouver

Later that night I ended up working for the T.V. show Falling Skies. They were doing a night shoot at the GVRD ( Vancouver watershed), way up above North Vancouver. A cold fall night, with temperatures dropping below freezing.
The next day, my daughter and I headed back to Lynn Canyon Park to scope it out.

The view from the suspension bridge. (no cost for this one)

Is that a sasquatch, or just a grumpy old man?
O Canada

This park is really something to see, we barely saw a fraction of all it had to offer.

A shot of the suspension bridge, it is safe, but you can still get it rocking enough to upset the people you are with!

good advice

Now we are in 2013. I went for coffee with a buddy in Coquitlam, on the way home I stopped by the Barnet Marine Park between Burnaby and Port Moody. It is very close to my place.

It was a little chilly that day, but I will be back to check this place out more in the spring.
Looking out over the north end of Burrard Inlet

tracks crossing at the enterance to the park,

North Burnaby is a bit higher up and there has been quite a few foggy days,

cruising down Willingdon Ave as the sun tries to break through

As January come to an end, I have started to go to more auditions for student film projects, today I had one at the         Vancouver Film School . (to be continued!)