Sunday, January 29, 2017

Timeless, the home stretch

Filming begins this week on the last episode of season one of Timeless, We started the week at the St. Andrew's-Wesley United church on the corner of Burrard and Nelson in downtown Vancouver.
To steal a line from one of the Eagle's songs, I got a peaceful, easy feelin' when I was inside the church.

I have driven by a hundred times in and out of the downtown core, and this was the first time I went inside.

The organ

1889, wow

without giving too much away, we were once again transformed to a more elegant time

at the studio, yet another era will come into play

a final day on the second to last episode brings us back to a roaring time in history. (I cannot say anything else, you'll have to wait until in airs)

meanwhile, in the alley
I got a kick of driving my cast car down the middle of set after I dropped of the director

I have seen this corner with a different building on 3 other film production over the years.

Later in the week, lunch time in the historic neighborhood of Strathcona in Vancouver. I named this picture "Teamsters eating lunch in the park"!

a hint of what the Strathcona neighbourhood is all about.
Our 6 day week ended in a very, very different locale. We were at the Port Mann substation near the Port Mann bridge in Surrey. This building was most recently a metal recycling facility. All I know was it is a muddy, muddy mess.
The mystery inside...

Our base camp was alongside of the building

 one of the reminents left behind

on the other side of the building was a wall of epic proportions, at the top is B.C. highway 17

day 2 at the substation started with a cast pick-up  downtown. I had a quick chance to grab a coffee and take a pic looking west towards Stanley park and Burrard Inlet.

Then it was back to filming late into a Saturday evening at the substation.
web pics, this one may be  old, but still very cool

Canadians love the Stanley Cup, and I was jealous to see Chicago Black Hawks player Andrew Desjardins eating his lucky charms out of the bowl.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Timeless, episode 13 and 14

This week our Timeless heroes were hard at work on two different episodes.
 Always looking for clues.

We started the week on a Sunday. That was the only time we could get into Vancouver City Hall

Today we turned back the clock.

Love the class of this era. (I am not allowed to real much more than I already have.)

The next day we were close to Gastown in Vancouver.

At the old Burrard Iron Works on Alexander and Main Street. Many productions have used this location over the years.

I parked in an alley for 2 minutes to grab some food from the caterers, and this parking ticket was waiting for me when I got back. Boooo!
Our base camp almost turned into a lake as it rained hard for 2 days straight.
back at the studio, our set decoration department was busy receiving items for future episodes, like the chandeliers....

and these old crates and sacks

Waiting to pick up cast, it was a gorgeous afternoon down on False Creek.
back at the studio, the very impressive Mason industries set.

In the corner of the studio the time machine sits very idle
I had a chance to go say hi to Amanda, one of my co-workers on the 2015 Pan-Am games torch relay. She was in town with the Rogers Hometown Hockey tour.
Flashback to Ottawa in 2015.

Now some web pics to finish off the week...........