Sunday, January 29, 2017

Timeless, the home stretch

Filming begins this week on the last episode of season one of Timeless, We started the week at the St. Andrew's-Wesley United church on the corner of Burrard and Nelson in downtown Vancouver.
To steal a line from one of the Eagle's songs, I got a peaceful, easy feelin' when I was inside the church.

I have driven by a hundred times in and out of the downtown core, and this was the first time I went inside.

The organ

1889, wow

without giving too much away, we were once again transformed to a more elegant time

at the studio, yet another era will come into play

a final day on the second to last episode brings us back to a roaring time in history. (I cannot say anything else, you'll have to wait until in airs)

meanwhile, in the alley
I got a kick of driving my cast car down the middle of set after I dropped of the director

I have seen this corner with a different building on 3 other film production over the years.

Later in the week, lunch time in the historic neighborhood of Strathcona in Vancouver. I named this picture "Teamsters eating lunch in the park"!

a hint of what the Strathcona neighbourhood is all about.
Our 6 day week ended in a very, very different locale. We were at the Port Mann substation near the Port Mann bridge in Surrey. This building was most recently a metal recycling facility. All I know was it is a muddy, muddy mess.
The mystery inside...

Our base camp was alongside of the building

 one of the reminents left behind

on the other side of the building was a wall of epic proportions, at the top is B.C. highway 17

day 2 at the substation started with a cast pick-up  downtown. I had a quick chance to grab a coffee and take a pic looking west towards Stanley park and Burrard Inlet.

Then it was back to filming late into a Saturday evening at the substation.
web pics, this one may be  old, but still very cool

Canadians love the Stanley Cup, and I was jealous to see Chicago Black Hawks player Andrew Desjardins eating his lucky charms out of the bowl.


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