Sunday, February 5, 2017

Timeless, what a diffrence a day makes

Well, another not typical week on the NBC t.v. show Timeless.  Look at the sun shining on this very cool 1950's scene. Unfortunately, they ran out of time and never got to finish it.

Uhhh, too bad, because the next day was a little different.
There was a little pond by our base camp close to Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver. It was frozen, but the sun made it a very nice scene.

Same pond, the very next day.
The week started on a sunny note. We were at the old R.C.M.P:. training facility in Kitsilano.

Uh, how they got the Mother Ship inside the gymnasium? (maybe it teleported itself, like as in the show)

Later in the week, our base camp was back in a familiar place, Corncorde Pacific next to False Creek and B.C. place stadium.

A real surpise, one of our day call transport drivers, was a friend of mind. We worked together on a show that filmed in Victoria called Gracepoint back in 2015. He still has his van that they used as the Gracepoint Journal news delivery van.

one of the many daily duties included a pick-up at Sim digital in Burnaby. They are the go to guys for camera equipment for many of the show filming around Vancouver.

While the sun was still shining, we spent two days at Robson square, downtown Vancouver. In the pic, you can see the Vancouver art gallery and the Hotel Vancouver in the background.

Part of that day took an unexpected turn, as I took an actor to the Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver. (The whole story, I cannot divulge.)

but I must admit, it was kind of a cool experience. (the tree top trail I'm on in this pic was awesome)
Yah, I was up there

Later in the day, time is turned back on Robson Square.

It was fun being downtown. On the left, you can see a lot of random people stopping by to watch the action.

Robson Square, no cars allowed, but I was given a prime spot to be close to the cast.

Two day at Hycroft Manor in the Shaugnessey neighbourhood of Vancouver. I have been here for many, many other productions.
random, trip to bath and beyond, who would buy this, shot

our transport crew is the best when it come to making the most of the room allotted for our base camp

back at the Hycroft manor, check out the shower. (look at the left side and all the taps, and the shower head, wowsa)

Not sure what furniture belonged to the manor at what the show brought in, but it was very stately.
the longer we stay, the more film gear accumulates out front

and then the weather took a turn for the worse

by our base camp, the snow continued to accumulate

wow, the winter of 2016,...... and 2017!
after that week, oh ya!

uh, not throwing any coins in that fountain anytime soon

to be enjoyed by him, himself, an he

if I had the money? uhhhh, no.

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