Monday, February 13, 2017

Officially unemployed, again

and then there was only 2 days of filming left on the first season of the NBC series, "Timeless." One day was in one of the barns at the P.N.E. grounds in Vancouver.
Another snow day at the base camp. 2 months of this weather is long enough!
Random, treated to a nice birthday spaghetti dinner by my daughter, pic.

soon I wont even be able to find my car!

The last day of filming included re-shooting some of the scenes, including this make-shift hospital room in the middle of the studio

one more trip through the Shine Auto wash on Terminal Ave.
One last cast pick-up downtown. (looking across to Stanley Park)

Looking east along the convention centre.

and then season one of Timeless was over. I had to return one of the work trucks to Langley, and I had a chance to stop by and visit my son as he was working as a grip on the set of Supergirl.

and here I am with National City as my backdrop. I think their studio is the largest one I have been in.

I do not watch the show, but I can only assume this is a command post of some sort.
Back at the Timeless studio, the time machine has been parked for now. (season 2?, time will tell)

I knew I was unemployed the second I had to take my cast vehicle back to the rental agency. Good thing most of the snow has melted off of my personal car.
Had to Know

The Stanley Cup is still the king of the trophies
I remember that, I also remember actually using a paper map, wow, I have certainly dated myself

this is snow joke

now what

ouch, maybe not quite ready?

valentine's day cards that were online. (that is not too unrealistic)

points for honesty

hmnnnn...... I'd have to think about it.

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