Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Good Hiatus

As the Sutton hotel has so eloquently stated, season's greetings to one and all!
The operating room on the Good Doctor is silent, as the show takes a Christmas hiatus.( (The 11th episode of season 1 will air on ABC (CTV in Canada) on January 8th at 10 p.m.))
The last cast car wash of 2017

Leaving squeaky clean, heading downtown to the Sutton hotel for one last time this year.

So festive at the Sutton, finally starting to feel it........

That's the holiday spirit. Fellow Teamster Dallas pumping some air into a low tire of one of the cast's cars.

A couple of more trips downtown before the break.

On this day were to take over China Creek Park in the Mount Pleasant area of East Vancouver.
and we did.......

what a colourful neighbourhood

A lot of trust fellow Teamster Bob was going to stop this massive wardrobe truck before it got any closer to me.

We finished this day at Vancouver Community College, where we have filmed many times before.
Waiting for cast down on Cordova, just east of Gastown.

I spent this day driving the director and writer around on a tech survey for the locations we will be using in the next episode. (everyone else rode on the busses)

In the Christmas spirit, the red light outside the studio. (warns people not to enter while filming is in progress)

got home just in time to watch this spectacle on Stephen Colbert.
Hope the breath mints were working for him and Tom Hanks.

Quite a spread put out at our transport coordinator, Andrew. He threw a little Christmas party for all of the drivers on his crew.

Me and Andrew, aka Saint Nick.

This had all the makings of a white Christmas, but the white stuff did not stick around.

There was plenty up in the mountains, though

A little Charlie Brown-ish, but I think I had a pretty nice little Christmas tree this year!
All these treats for  Christmas! All that Japanese packaging can only mean one thing.....

.......Ritsue has come from Hiroshima to celebrate Christmas with me and my family. (Showing off our beer and tuna towers at the River's Reach pub in New Westminster!)

We went to the Christmas Fly Over Canada at Canada Place.

Photo op with Santa!

It was hovering around freezing, but it was a nice afternoon downtown

A nice shot of "the Lions" peaks on the North Shore.
After Fly Over Canada, we were the biggest kids on the carousel at the Vancouver Christmas Market,

It was a wonderful evening.

The Lights of Hope at St. Paul's hospital.

Haha, cute turkey hat pic!

The next night we went with my kids to the Vancouver Canuck's game. Ritsue had never been to an N.H.L. game. St. Louis won tonight, but we still had a ton of fun. 
Christmas eve day, and it was time to get the turkey in the oven. 

Another first for Ritsue, but she nailed it! It was delicious! 

A wonderful Christmas dinner!
Followed by another marvelous turkey dinner with my brother and his family on Christmas day. Many thanks to my sister-in-law Carmen for hosting all of us!

Daisy has a new international friend.

Junior and my nieces
Go back 3 days, I forgot Santa photo-bombed us at Fly Over Canada, what nerve!

I did do pretty good with the pumpkin pie, if I do say so myself. (and I do!)

hammin' it up on turkey day.....
and just like that, 6 days were gone....... time for Ritsue to head back to Hiroshima, 😢

What's the real story?

and it doesn't matter how old they are, lol

I found this amusing because X-Files is back filming in Vancouver

Someone point them to the playground across the street already!

One way to keep them quiet, not recommending it though

a new way to enjoy a game I grew up with......

That's a legitimate dilemma

hardly noticeable 

very noticeable

something wrong with that cat

don't know until you try

not a stand up toilet, I think

that sign probably saved more than one marriage, hahaha