Sunday, December 17, 2017

Congrats to the Good Doctor

The start of the week showed very promising weather for the filming of episode 112 of the Good Doctor.  A much better view from my place compared to........... year ago when the lower mainland was hit with a ton of snow. We were on the road filming Frequency, and it was quite a challenge.
Congratulations to Freddie Highmore for receiving a Golden Globe nomination for best actor in a drama series. He certainly deserves it!
More shout outs to the caterers! (Yes, I know, too much!, but it's sooooooo good!)

random, waiting to pick-up a cast member downtown Vancouver on Smithe, shot.

Some very glorious mornings this week.

We also had some very foggy days where the sun tried hard to break through.
It broke through on this day. (looking east from the Pan Pacific Hotel downtown.

Looking out from the Starbucks at the Pan Pacific towards Canada Place.

Heading west towards the sunset from our studios in Coquitlam.

The fog rolled back in as I travelled on highway 91A towards the airport for a cast pick-up

Very quiet at the taxi-stand at the airport. (This is where I have to phone in to get my parking stall number) Normally, it is full of cabs, so I was assuming it was going to be very busy at the airport. (5 p.m.)

I was wrong, there was hardly anyone at the international arrivals.

Don't know if I have ever seen it like this. It must be the calm before the Christmas rush storm. 
The next day, heading downtown, uhhh, where is downtown?

On a good day, this is what I would be seeing.
My peers were none too happy when I won pay cheque poker for the 2nd time in 3 weeks. Fullhouse, 8's and 3's, not bad!

The fine sunrises continued.

The Sutton hotel downtown was feeling the Christmas spirit.

One of the many cogs in our production wheel. This is Jamie, he is the DIT. (digital imaging technician). He gives transport the day's film to take to another facility for processing.

Oh-oh. It became a very cold night on set when this roll door got all jammed up as it was coming down. 

and it was a cold, foggy night outside of our studio
Well, I'm not allowed to show any pictures of the set, but I guess I can show you the outside of Dr. Shaun Murphy's apartment.

another little traffic victory for me, alone in the Cassier tunnel (still a score, even if its 2 a.m.!)

back down to the Sutton Place hotel on Burrard, round and round I go.

Ha! I had a chance to work-out at the Trevor Linden gym at the convention centre downtown. Everyone rants about the view of Burrard Inlet and the north shore mountains, but today, this is all I was seeing.

early morning line-up for the Vancouver Christmas market at Jack Poole plaza.

fog starting to lift downtown

and it did as I took this pic looking south on Thurlow street.
Filming of the Good Doctor is almost over, for now, with the Christmas hiatus fast approaching.
I'm saying sad....


I'm thinking this is not a good idea.

kitty pops!

I have many questions.....

real fans!

more questions

and more...

I would not even be in the next room!

My generations gets this one.

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