Saturday, January 14, 2017

Timeless is endless

Well into our third week of the NBC show Timeless, and we are finding out the demands of a very, very busy show. Our transport team from Frequency joined the show after the Christmas hiatus.

I am just learning about the show. I know our stars, Abagail Spencer, Matt Lanter, and Malcom Barrett are always time travelling to historic events of the past.
The start of 2017 was not much different than the end of 2016 weather wise. Here's the view from my balcony.

and on my street, enough already!
Our first day of filming was on January 3rd. I guess we started before the other shows, based on the fact I was the only one at the Sutton Hotel, where most of all the shows actors stay.

It was below freezing in a parking garage in New Westminster, and I was sequestered to be a warm up vehicle for the actors between takes of their scenes. I had a front row view of the filming in the vehicle across from me.

Then we move to downtown New Westminster. Do we know how to take over a neighbourhood or what.

Finally, a set with no snow! Although it was very cold, it was nice to have some sun and bare pavement for a change. We were south of Vancouver at the Boundary Bay airport in Delta, very close to the U.S. border with Washington state.

Today we were allowed to be on the tarmac

Hey, wait a minute, aren't we in Canada? The flags say otherwise.
The time on this show is endless, especially when on three occasions already, we have filmed two different episodes in two different locations on the same day. Very ambitious.

This night we were at a hotel in Delta. The scene called for a little thunder and lightning action, so here is the calm.

and here is the storm
finding ways to de-stress in this business is very important, but they way fellow Teamster brother Rob is trying to achieve it, uh, not so sure.

while he was trying to find zen, he lent me his phone so I could watch the Seattle Seahawks football game.

back at the studio, the construction team was creating another creepy masterpiece.
when we were filming before Christmas out in New Westminster, there was a lot of unpredicted snow, so when we finished the scene back inside the stage at the studio, they had to match the outside weather, so voila, fake snow!

A chilly, but beautiful morning down on false creek in Vancouver as I was waiting to pick up one of the actors

I think the freezing temperatures helped to make this morning scene look like it was evening.

To finish the week, we were back out by the Boundary Bay airport, this time on government land, currently used as a dog walking area. Tonight it is the scene of a famous flight from history. (I am not allowed to say more than that)
Unfortunately, it is a crash scene. 

I can't tell you, but you can probably figure out the era, based on these "picture cars"
a different view the next day around false creek, as I was back to pick up the same actor.

a view of our base camp out in Delta.

My phone does not do this justice, but this bald eagle certainly seemed larger than life.
Lots of lighting needed for this scene tonight.

but then they called lunch, and the lights went out, ha ha!

as day went into night, it was time to film the plane crash

even this tree got into the action

I saw this online, and then realized that this scene was in Burnaby, where I live! (and there were so many busses ill equipped for the snow. But at least we are sooooooooo polite about it, eh)
random web stuff

Tricky is not so much

c'mon ! croc with a croc????????


dog heaven

nice pic

and that what my phone pictures of moons always look like

no, thank-you!

finally, saying it like it is.

of course the price should reflect whether it was used or not?

I'm sorry, but loser!

I'm sorry but, do the authorities know, or is it the authorities?


ok, priorities, I get it, not

I only had one, 5 zillion calorie, slice!

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