Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Christmas hiatus: belated!

A week into January already, and I'm falling behind in the blog world. I guess I should of made it one of my New Year's resolutions. Having 10 days off was much needed, and I did have a chance to go up to the Okanagan to do some visiting. (and I managed to get a great shot of my favourite view looking north on Okanagan Lake, on Lakeshore drive in Penticton.
Christmas kind of snuck up on me. I did not have a chance to get a tree, so I improvised with my coat rack

and you know what?, it actually turned out ok!

my favourite Christmas tradition, watching It's a Wonderful Life with my kids. (and yes I did shed a tear or two, again!)
Christmas day was a good time to go for a walk to get one hungry for, perhaps, a turkey dinner.
This was very close to my place, the studio for Frequency, and the studio for Timeless. This is a railway bridge on part of the Fraser River.

Junior is taking it all in.

It was kind of cool, the bridge was turned east/west, to allow for ships to pass through.
When you walked on it you didn't feel that comfortable. Looking down did not help, either.

It was a really nice day

Junior is on top of the world!

Well, the first snowfall in Vancouver was on December 5th, and now it's after Christmas and it is still snowing!!!!!!

this is what it was like in New Westminster when we went for breakfast on Boxing day.
Was not much better on the Hope-Princeton Highway as we travelled to Penticton.

a couple of sketchy moments, but we persevered.

We stopped in the town on Princeton to eat. In the washroom was an interesting way to gain some green space.

A belated best of the New Year's wishes to you and yours from me and my sis!

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