Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 53 and 54 Levis to Quebec City to Donnacona, Quebec

Start of day celebration was at the same facitlity we had the end of day celebration the day prior. The original building was a seminary. I was once again part of the event team.

The celebration was in the old church

Very cool, there was a drum circle there and they played for the celebration, very spiritual, and entertaining

how's your latin?, I tried to look up the meaning, but did not get very far

Billy goes into preacher mode, it was like being at the church of Rick Hansen, the acoustics were phenomenal

Rick shows up to say a few words
The first medal bearer of the day with Rick, and Joey our endurance athlete

Part of the downtown core of Levis, which is just across the St. Lawrence from Quebec City

Cold and rainy so far today, here is a shot from a look-out over-looking lower Levis

The view of from Levis of the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec, very impressive.
My apologies, I do not know the name of the person in the statue here.

Our end of day celebration in Quebec City was in this tent right outside the hotel Frontenac. Good thing, it got miserable at times with the rain and the wind

The refurbished boardwalk outside the hotel Frontenac

Sadly, anothe nameless building. I try to find them online, but sometimes I keep hitting dead ends. Maybe a pen and paper next time.

The view from the boardwalk outside the Frontenac
This band was warming up the crowd with their bluesy jazz, the singer in the middle was actually Italian, and they were a lot of fun

On a bathroom reconnaissance at the Chateau Frontenac I spied this picture of the man himself Louis de Baude Frontenac

End of day celebration, Rick Hansen with a very well known french paralympic athetlete, Dean Bergeron 

With the medal bearers, and oh yah, theres Ronald again.

Afterwords the band entertained, while the rain poured down, which brought in a lot of tourists that had no idea what was going on.

Outside I ran into Marjolaine, someone I worked with on the Olympic Torch relay, who lives in Quebec.
After the rain subsided, a rainbow appeared, I should sell this shot to the cruise line.

Outside our hotel in Saint Foy, a double!

Day 54 started off at Laval University in Quebec.

I knew this day was going to be different, there was a huge tailgate party in the parking lot in anticipation of a football game between Laval and Bishop, a team from Sherbrooke, Quebec. and one of only three universities that teach primarily in English.

Apparently a strong message to the Bishop Gaiters

One of the medal bearers today was the mother of our executive director, Jim Richards (on right) She flew in from Calgary to visit and sightsee

It was fun, a lot of people had no clue what was going on, but we crashed their tailgate party

We even did the end of day dance, and a lot of people joined in, (it was 11 in the morning and a lot of them had been drinking since 8, they were easy to coax)

Our camera man, Chris

Andrew and Josh congratulating each other after their dance efforts.
Keeping in shape is paramount to survive this relay, here Josh tries out his new skipping rope

Very festive, even though the weather kept changing from rain to wind, and back to rain again

Michel, our securtity liason, and Pat, who was driving the motorhome today. They were roomies on the torch relay

Even the cheerleaders got in on the act

The team name -  Laval Rouge et Or (red and gold)

Jordan was looking  for options to get out of the weather, now he has become a binner.
The fans were creative

Laval flag

4 tickets for the hard working events team, Myself, Jeremy, Jordan, and "Barn" (Russ)

Le Rouge et Or

vs. le Gaiters
There was a ceremony before the game in honor of Rick Hansen, and he was on the field for the ceremonial coin toss

the medal bearers joined in.

Not a good day for Bishop, Laval beat them 57-9

Another difference today, the end of day celebration was at an arena in Donnacona, Quebec. Even the medal bearers were checking in on the action

A bantam game featured a ceremonial puck drop by Rick Hansen

End of another relay day, and yes, we did the dance one more time.

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