Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 50 and 51 Riviere Du Loup to Montmagny to Levis, Quebec

Chill time at the hotel universal in riviere du loup, don, russ, andrew , and jeremy

Day 50, the morning view of riviere du loup from the hotel room

This hotel was not as old as some of the decor would suggest, ala austin powers

very art deco-y , (if that isn't a word , it is now!)
a lot of farming on the southeast side of the province.

following along the st. lawrence river

along the banks of the saint lawrence

I was on events again today, our first one was at this charming town, ville de la pocatiere

We have only been in Quebec 2 days and already a pattern is emerging, they love to serve wine at the events and celebrations, and it is a bit rude to say no. Here Jeremy, Heather , and Eric partake, unfortunately, us driver's are relegated to the "eau"
We were all invited to sign the city hall guestbook

Even Joey, our endurance athlete had a glass of wine, he is from the area.

Jim, our executive director of the relay, spending some time as one of our medal bearer escorts

Kyle, one of the medal bearer hosts gets a chance to drive the command vehicle today.

and off they go
St. Anne college

Institute of food technology

Leaving la pocatiere

Josh and Jeremy limbering up for the end of day celebration in Montmagny, Quebec

time for a little cafe at the au coin du monde (at the corner of the world)

This mural in Montmagny almost had me fooled

love the narrow steets in a lot of these cottage towns along the St. Lawrence

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Jake with the final medal bearer of the day

Her dogs were also part of the celebration

Saint Thomas church

fall means it is getting darker sooner (plus we went back one hour when we crossed from New Brunswick to Quebec
Day 51 started with a change for me. I was taken off of events and put on as one of the medal bearer escorts for the day. Here is our director Jim doing some kind of laptop yoga to get psyched for the day!
Hank our fearless driver today, copy that driver!
Vanessa (on the left) came along,  visiting us for a couple of days, her husband is Joey, our endurance athlete. On the right is Maralyn, who recently joined us as the head of our escort security team.

Start of day in Montmagny, this was outside a little church across from Saint Thomas church

Jim, Eric (relay command), and Marylyn either strategizing or talking about what they had for breakfast

Montmagny school stop at.......................

there's a mouthful

Pround father and son medal bearers with none other than Ronald McDonald (did I mention they are a sponsor?)

a proud crew

Replica medal, on display at McDonalds with a souvenir medal you can buy for $15

On the shores of the St. Lawrence in Berthier-Sur-Mer, Quebec

Our endurance athlete Joey, with his wife Vanessa. Joey became a paraplegic after a motorcycle accident in 2009. The positive attitudes shown by both of them is an inpiration for all

Cruisin down the street. This is endurance mode, where the endurance athete carries the medal. The other three, are alternate mode (like a hot air balloon, or horse), medal bearer mode, and carrier mode, where the medal travels in the pace vehicle to the next town.

Once again it is about the kids. We did an impromptu talk about Rick, Hansen , and about Joey and his story, something the kids were very eager to hear. This is ecole de la roche de landaudiere

Each student had a chance to put the Rick Hansen medal around their necks. It weighs almost one pound.

This was very incredible to me. We were at this Roman Catholic school in Saint Michel de Bellechasse, Quebec. It was right beside the church, all the kids were in uniforms, and I saw a least three nuns I am assuming were teachers. All this in a town of about 2000. The kids were genuinely interested in the Rick Hansen story, and about Joey and his story.
Another view of the Saint Lawrence

We had lunch in Saint Michel de Bellechasse. There was this boat in the harbor, it was wheeling around all over the place, not sure what it's use would be.

Lunchtime, Josh is practicing his concentration, or just fooling around

Outside the church.

Saint Michel church 1858, outside a statue of Saint Michel

The charming architecture

amazing detail
One more school stop at ecole le phare in saint michel de bellechasse

The kids get it!

Peaceful fall setting

atab (afternoon time adjustment break, built in in case we are behind schedule), at the centre communautaire et mairie et Beaumont, Quebec (community center and town hall)

An indoor end of day celebration in Levis, Quebec, and yes, more wine was served!

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