Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 47 and 48 Woodstock to Grand Falls to Edmundston, New Brunswick

Another gorgeous fall day

First stop of the day for Kayla and myself was in Hartland, New Brunswick, home to the longest covered bridge in the world

The Saint John river

I was a little concernced about going over the bridge It was rated for 10 tons, but it didn't look that sturdy, and the seats on the bus are not equipped with flotation devices!

fall splendor

looking into the bridge, haven't crossed yet

The gang, our first group of medal bearers, left to right, emma, andrea, mike, seth (who has an exchange student from Columbia with him, and anne

show time, the pilot vehicle driven by scott, will lead us

it turned out okay, we made it through with only a couple of creaks and groans

Hartland is also home to Day and Ross trucking one of the biggest carriers in Canada

Dr. Walter Chestnut library

The medal bearers pose near the river, Trish on the right was our community liason person

The last medal bearer to go, one on one time with Kayla

On the way to our next medal -bearer meeting point in Perth-Andover, population around 1800

Kayla and I ran into Wendy and Jake in a small restaurant, here Jake is making fun of me because we are headed to Quebec and my french in minimal

Perth-Andover bridge crossing the Saint John river
You can't really tell from the pic but this place looks haunted to me!

Getting ready for the warm-up dance, Kyle joined in to lead the group

Otto, (the relay director) interviewing one of the medal bearers

our pilot Andrew (Mack) jumps on board to say hi and reassure the medal bearers on my driving abilities

After Perth-Andover, it was a quick 30 kilometres down the road to our End of Day celebration in Grand Falls, New Brunswick

The falls were pretty cool

Our end of day celebration at the Malabeam Reception Center. There was also a zip line across the falls, I did not partake, but a bunch of the other crew did.
Jeremy interviews the final medal bearer of the day Ron Turcotte. OMG, this guy lives in Grand Falls, he became a paraplegic after a fall from a horse in 1978, but you may remember him as the jockey who one the triple crown on Secretariat in 1973!

The end of day group photo

Games for kids, even big kids like Andrew (and me!)

and medal bearers

a panorama from our hotel in Grand Falls

It was a Sunday in Grand Falls, so Ross and I took a little 30 kilometre drive to Caribou, Maine in search of a beer. I love the United States , liquor and toilet paper in the same aisle

beer and snacks, makes sense, can't do that in Canada

The only sign I could find with Maine on it

Day 48, I had to drive to Edmundston to pick up Don, who was dropping off the supply truck, and bring him back to Grand-Falls

more great architecture, this church in Edmundston

and another

I was on events today, this was outside our community stop in Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska. I drive the truck and trailer and help set up all the event displays and tents.

Right across the river, is Maine

My ride for the week, nice ridgeline loaned to us by Honda, but man does that thing suck gas.

Paul, our medal bearer coming into the community stop, he had a car accident 25 years ago, that he almost didn't recover from, he has difficulty walking and has speech issues, but his spirit was infectious.

One of our events vehicles passing me on the road to Edmundston

The river in Edmundston facing Canada There is a pulp mill here that supply raw product to the paper mill across the river in Maine,  it goes by a huge pipeline, there are over 6oo employees on the U.S. side, and over 300 on the Canadian side

And the river facing Maine in the United States

Fort Cannon, one of the old installations in Edmundston

Great view from up here

End of day , sunny, but chilly and windy

It took Ross and I 12 minutes to go from the hotel to downtown Madawaska , Maine, walking

Looking back into Edmundston

All that walking makes a man thirsty

Ross schooled me in pool, and we were the only two in the place

the paper mill


and a full moon, better go back to the hotel for the night

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