Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 40 and 41, Sussex to Saint John, New Brunswick

Day 40, only 233 to go! There were a lot of these murals on the buildings in downtown Sussex, New Brunswick

another quaint town, population less than 4200

love the old brick buildings, don't see much of that in the Okanagan

The first medal bearer of the day was supposed to take the medal on this hot air balloon, but the wind was blowing too hard ,and they had to leave the balloon tethered to the ground.

Getting ready for the 1st medal bearer of the day, I was driving the pace/media motorhome again today
2nd group of medal bearers in the town of Norton, New Brunswick.(pop. 1314) The start point was in the legion parking lot. Rolling hills all through this area, starting to show the fall colors.

Busy Norton street

Next stop Hampton, New Brunswick, pop. 4004, both Norton and Hampton are on the Kennebecasis River, and in the Kennebecasis River valley

The bridge crossing the river in Hampton. My view from the rear camera. I judge my distance from the medal bearer with this camera

At the school in Hampton, there was a volunteer expo put on my the local service clubs and organizations, which tied in nicely with our Rick Hansen relay presentation

The warm-up dance, which we due at most of our celebrations. Done to the tune of Katy Perry's firework song. A medal bearer in New Glasgow took a video of the dance and posted it on you tube. Here it is

We got fed again! Thanks to the volunteers in Hampton!
Quispamsis, New Brunswick

I was there, I just can't say it!

All these people donned yellow hard hats in honor of the medal bearer, and they followed him during his segment, it was quite a sight

Next a celebration at the town of Rothesay, New Brunswick

More construction to navigate for us and the medal bearer
Perry (on the right), is our IT man from the Rick Hansen Foundation office in Richmond. He got to come out and spend a week with us to see how the Relay was run. Today he got to be one of the bicycle escorts for the medal bearers. He is standing with a gentleman who was one of the volunteers in Saint John, New Brunswick 25 years ago, when Rick came through. He told me he didn't know what to expect, and only had a couple of helpers. When Rick wheeled through, there were over 25,000 people in the street

End of Day celebration was at the W. Franklin Hatheway Center in Saint John, O.M.G. theres Ronald again! Actually he's a very talented guy, bilingual, a great speaker, and I guess you could call him a difference maker, too!

This bronze monument was outside of the center. It is to honor all workers killed or injured on the job. I met this fascinating lady, Vanessa, who is on the left. That is her likeness in the statue directly behind her. She told me the history and meaning of the statue. Click on this to learn more.
Saint John

The Irving Oil refinery in Saint John, the biggest refinery in Canada and one of Saint Johns' largest employers

Day 21 was an event day, my duties were to be part of a presenting team for a group of students that met at the YMCA Glenn Carpenter centre on Ashburn Lake in Saint John

Add caption

Wendy feeling at peace here

I thought this was interesting, it was on the wall in the lodge, caught in 1964

A new addition to our Rick Hansen arsenal is this interactive speakers corner that Jeremy is demonstrating to the kids. People can leave a 60 second message that will be uploaded onto the Rick Hansen website.

These kids were great, all grade 7 students from 4 different school, chosen as the difference makers from their schools. These 4 were  from Saint John the Baptist school

CTV was here today, a did a story on the kids and the Rick Hansen relay

Later the kids played some games outdoors.

Ahhh, the old blanket toss.

This fella really got launched! (yes, I got a turn to, I don't think they got me quite as high, too much breakfast

CTV  talks to the kids. Another super event.
A view from the hotel

Downtown Saint John

Where's Jeremy?

Ohhhhh, there he is!

This guy just wasn't understanding my point of view!

Saint John harbor, 2 more sleeps then off to Fredericton

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