Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 49 Edmundston, New Brunswick to Riviere du Loup ,Quebec

Started our last day in New Brunswick looking out into the parking lot, wondering how I was going to get the truck and trailer (you can barely see it ) out of the lot. (all those cars were not there when we parked)
after wiggling out of the lot, it was a very short 15 minute drive to the Quebec border.

I was on the events team again today, our first stop was in Degelis, Quebec at the hotel de ville (there seems to be a lot of these in Quebec)

Small town (pop. 3200) with the old school main street, no big box stores here

A little medal bearer parade into the event, great to see the school kids out. I got to try out my french to day, I am getting very used to saying " je ne parle pas francais" ( i do not speak french)

More love from the communities , here in Degelis we were treated to a hot lunch, just like home!

North to our End of day celebration

The picture does not do justice to the fall beauty I was seeing along the highway

Now there is a town to cheer you up. Explanation on the name here 

End of day was at this arena in Riviere du loup, there is a hockey team here that plays in the North American Hockey League (never heard of it) a low level semi-pro league that has the unofficial reputation as the world's toughest hockey league

We were not sure how much response we would get going through Quebec, apparently a lot of people do not know about Rick Hansen and his story. We had a small crowd turn out, but they were very appreciative, and even served appetizers and wine after the celebration

Our Riviere du loup medal bearers

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