Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 52 Quebec City

Day 52, Quebec City, event day, Monty is not needed on event day, what shall he do?

Why not grab Ross, who just happens to be a tour guide who knows Quebec City well, and Wendy and Marylyn, and go check out what's going on.

The cannons lie idle at the Plains of Abraham

National Art Museum

Monument to James Wolfe (1727-1759) a british  army officer known for his victory over the french, who died on the Plains of Abraham, check the link, it is an incredible story.
Part of the art museum buildings include this prison wing dating back to the 19th century

Love the neighbourhoods

Quebec City Armoury (manege militaire de Quebec) a National Historic site
The Plains of Abraham looking over to the town of Levis, population 130,000

Looking towards downtown Quebec

 The martello tower, that is one humongous spider!

Guess what this is for. Give up? A fountain for horses.

Halloween is big in Quebec, a lot of the downtown core is spooked up.

Got a little close to the grim reaper

Joan of Arc
Probably a good idea

The line-up for the horse fountain, there were numerous horse drawn carriages available for tours

When in Rome?

National Assembly of Quebec (parliment buildings)

Saint Louis Gate, originally built in 1692, rebuilt in 1880, part of the walled city, the only remaining fortified city walls that still exist north of Mexico

Part of the wall
Apparently a protest to the tuition increases by the premier of Quebec Jean Charest

Driving down the narrow streets, we saw this view

Omg, this apparently is the 2nd largest cruise ship in the world, holds 5000 passengers and 1200 crew

Random frozen surgical glove on the street, saw a guy with a video camera lurking a litlle bit away, looking for reactions?

Lower part of old Quebec

We were walking past this restaurant and they were giving away free corn on the cob, we had to schuck it ourselves!

For the price of a beer, we received the corn and free appetizers
Oh yah

Back to the tour

Museum of Civilization, apparently this hull of a boat was found when they excavated the site, they say the level of water from the Saint Lawrence was at the level of the building, a long way away from where the shores of the Saint Lawrence are today.

Lower part of old Quebec

The Quebec City mural

Notre-Dames-des-victoires, originally built 1723, rebuilt in 1816, and for trivia buffs, used for filming of Catch Me if You Can with Tom Hanks and Leonardo Dicaprio

14,000 tourist were estimated to be in Quebec City today, 4 cruise ships and numerous tour groups

These notes were hung up by school groups describing their experience in Old Quebec

New roof for the Chateau Frontenac, due to be finished at the end of 2012, they say this hotel is the most photographed in the world, probably because it is perched atop a hill that gives a spectacular view from so many different vantage points

You guys can google this one, it is a legit clothing store

Petit Champlain mural

Statue of  Samuel de Champlain

Chateau Frontenac

Notre Dame Catherdral, originally built in 1647, completely restored in 1922, click on the link, too much history for me to blog about, I need some sleep!

Gateway to the .........
laval university architecture campus, which was originally the ..................

Seminaire de Quebec

Halloween display downtown

Negotiating the narrow street back to.........

reality, across from our hotel in St. Foy, a mall to serve our modern needs, what a contrast

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