Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 42 and 43, Saint John to Oromocto, New Brunswick

Day 42 was another maintenance day/meeting/r&r day. I went for a walk around the downtown core of Saint John. The area population is 140,000, and it is the biggest city in New Brunswick.

There were two different cruise ships in the harbor today, the attraction being the rich history in the downtown area, dating back to the 1600's, and the city market buildings oldest city market in North America (1876) 

Love the old brick building, several blocks of them

old post office

Looking up the hill from the harbor

Bank of New Brunswick building built in 1878

Church of Saint Andrew and Saint David (1878-79)

Trinity Anglican church (established 1783)

Heritage buildings on King and Germaine Streets
Day 43 started across the harbor at the Carleton Community Center

This little guy (can't remember name as usual) was nominated by the principal of his school to be a medal bearer. His sign says it all, good comes to you, pass it to the next person

Mother/daughter. Both outstanding volunteers in their community. They were so thrilled to be medal bearers, they showed up at End of day celebrations in Oromocto, and then in Fredericton the next night. They aren't the only ones who have  done that.

I dropped of the medal bearer (wish I could think of his name) at his insertion point for his 250 meter segment. Our bike escort Don, who also happens to be my boss in transportation stays with him until the convoy arrives.

The kids at St. Patrick school in Saint John came out in support

No, thank-you!
After the first group it was off to Oromocto, New Brunswick, about 20 miles away for our second group of the day. Here we are going ove the Burton Bridge crossing the Saint John River

Here we are going back over the Burton Bridge, after my host for the day Kayla, pointed out that I was going the wrong way to our medal bearer meeting point! Why is it so hard for men to pull over and ask for directions

We did have a couple of extra minutes, so we decided to wash the bus, and low and behold, Wendy, who was driving one of the other shuttle busses had the same idea.

Ross, one of the pilots, keeping himself busy while we wait to start the next segment

Kayla, our host giving a thumbs up to another enthusiastic group
End of day celebration at the Hazen Park Center in Oromocto. Final medal bearer of the day is center stage with Rick Hansen, heeeessssssssssss baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

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