Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 12, a day off in Cornerbrook!

Three days in Cornerbrook, Nfld. Lucky enough to stay at the Gynmill Inn, a 1924 tudor style hotel located on Cornerbrook stream

This fellow owned a 2nd hand store in Cornerbrook, he was quite a character, even showed us how to play the spoons, and gave us a ton on info about the area, and comped us some authentic Newfie music CD's. Thanks

The locals told us while in Cornerbrook, we had to eat at a place called Aromas. I had the cod tongues topped with scuntchions, yum yum!

One of the chores on the road, laundry day!

One of the locals took us to Captain Cook look-out. Great view of the city. Down on the left is a pulp mill.

Cornerbrook reminds me a lot of the Okanagan, but a lot lusher.

View of the city and Bay of Isles.

Cruisin down the TransCanada between Grand Falls-Windsor and Deer Lake, Nfld.

Two of the medal bearer bike escorts, Wendy and Ty. They stay with the medal bearers while they do there 250 meter segment.

The medal is on display in South Brook, Nfld. During a lunch celebration

Ty was also in charge of the lunch BBQ

The 4 medal bearers in South Brook, a town with a population of less than 600

I was entrusted with the Pine Beetle wood box that holds the medal, when it is not in use.

Medal bearers with Jeremy (center), my roomie and one of the drivers, and Kyle, the host, in Deer Lake, Nfld.

Deer Lake, end of day celebration, the crowds are starting to pick up.

Moose with moose, although why is there a statue of a moose in Deer Lake. Just askin.

Not quite sure what Josh is up to, but it leaves more questions than answers

Coming into Steady Brook, Marble Mtn. ski hill is right on the side of the Trans Canada.

One of the medal bearers in Pasadena, Nfld, with her children

I think most of the town of Steady Brook (pop. 276) came out to cheer on their difference makers, the medal bearers

Media interview in Steady Brook. I was lucky enough to be one of the bike escorts today, what a beautiful day for a ride.

Riding in the pace vehicle /media motorhome between towns. Scott and Bryn catchin up on some work.

The final group of Day 10 , in Cornerbrook, with our endurance rider, Sonny in the foregroud.

Medal bearers coolin off in Cornerbrook

These two girls, Megan and Mandy are sisters who were the final two medal bearers in Cornerbrook. Their smiles and laughter were infectious. They are an inspiration for us all.

One of our medal bearer hosts, Jake, is all smiles today, his wife Lynn, (Center) flew in to be with him for the week-end.

One of the beautiful walking trails in Cornerbrook

Day 11 was a celebration day in Cornerbrook. There were events planned like a group Zumba work-out, fun-run, and wheel chair basketball

Really reminds me of the Okanagan. The inlet into Cornerbrook is 30km long coming in from the Ocean

A little pre game pep talk

Wheel chair crack the whip

This elderly couple saw us from the highway and came in to donate $20. He said he gave Rick Hansen $20 25 years ago when he came through Cornerbrook and wanted to do the same. We are starting to get a lot of people wishing to do that, even though this relay is a celebration about difference makers across Canada

One of the radio stations came in to do an interview, I couldn't help but take a pic of the Kiss logo on the side!

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