Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 18, Louisbourg and hangin in Sydney

The day started with Dawn, Pat and I taking a little trip to the Fortress of Louisbourg, just outside of Sydney, Nova Scotia. Incredible history dating back to the 1700's

You had to take a bus from the parking lot to the actual fort, which you can see in the distance.

We were greeted by various period actors, very friendly and knowledgeable

Beautiful September day

The perimeter of the fort had all these cannon battlements

Nice shot!

There were some sheep, don't ask!

Every building was restored, complete with furnishing, awesome stuff, you would need half a day to see it all, unfortunately we had to leave way too soon

Pat schmoozing with the locals

The wind started to come up, surf's up! on the Atlantic


Dawn and I trying to distract the man so we could get his gun

There were so many rooms completely restored to their original state

I think this is what I need when I get back

Hoo boy, nothing to confess here

This chapel was inside the main fort building

Apparently the prisoners were shackled to this, nitey nite boys

The coastline was stunning

more outbuildings

"main street"

for all you latin lovers, I think the date is around 1740

The flag, or someone's bedsheet out to dry

The clouds were creating picture magic

A bit of a drawbridge at the entrance

After Fort Louisbourg, we met up with the relay gang for a pre-arranged clean-up of a skate board park in Sydney

It was kind of cool, the kids didn't know we were coming, but it didn't take long for the interaction to begin

My roomie Jeremy showing the kids everything he has forgotten about skateboarding

It was a great hangin with the local youth, they were cool, and on their best behaviour

The clean-up begins

The trash is piling up, and even scored a couple of shopping carts.

Time to teach the kids about a game I refuse to get involved with, but looks like fun, "ninja"

Ty, Kyle, Josh, and Jeremy trying to keep up with the youngsters

Afterwards, we provide hotdogs, burgers, and pop for all the kids at the park

Thanks to Ty, and Jeremy for doing the BBQ ing

All rite kids, try and clean it clean, at least until we round the corner! Thanks to Mike (from our team) and the local Cape |Breton Regional police for organizing this event

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