Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 20 and 21 St. Peter's to Port Hawkesbury to Antigonish, Nova Scotia

The start of day 20 was me exploring the locks of St Peter's

Apparently it took 15 years in th mid 1800's to carve out the granite to build the locks

The first medal bearer of the day in St Peter's took the Rick Hansen medal on the boat and went through the locks

One of the locks

Ross, Wendy, and Andrew, relaxin in St Peter's before the start of another busy day, Sony, our endurance athlete is in the background

No caption needed, Jake's smile says it all

We visited some of the residents in a care facility in St Peter's, the couple here have been married for 71 years!

Doing what I am not supposed to be doing, taking pictures of the scenery while driving.

Walking path to the locks in St. Peter's

St. Peter's, might be a little hard to read, but the history dates back to 1650

The end of the locks, out into the Atlantic!

Fishing boats moored on the Atlantic side

The lock controls

Our first medal group of the day was at the Felix Marchand elementary school in Louisdale, Nova Scotia

Warming the kids up while they wait for the Rick Hansen medal to arrive

One of our medal bearers with Billy, one of the medal bearer escorts. Not sure about the flag, but it is first nations.

Medal bearer Alexandria is last off today, hangin with Jake, the medal bearer host

Me and Dante, a medal bearer from Louisdale, he came to Port Hawkesbury for the end of day celebration. A lot of these kids are here because of their school and community involvment 

End of day in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia. There is a YMCA here that I remember using during the Olympic Torch Relay, and woman inside remembered me. I gave her my red mittens when the town was sold out.

One of the awesome talents that entertain for us at a lot of our end of day celebrations

Pat in the back of the pace and media vehicle, obviously reflecting on his relay experience

The MacPuffin lodge in Port Hawkesbury, unfortunately voted as one of the worst to stay at during the Olympic Torch Relay, we did not stay there this time

Crossing the Canso causeway, leave Port Hawkesbury

This school in Monastery had over 400 students from K-12 The flag on the left is Mic Mac first nations, the center is Nova Scotia of course, the right, once again, not sure

We had a small group today in Monastery, a town of under 1000 people

The final medal bearer of the group was Tyler, running into his school where all his peers and fellow students cheered him on. I think Nic, another endurance athlete , showed him the way in ,I doubt Tyler could see with all that wind.

Tyler, with Deena, who is in charge of our participant ops.

Some of the days medal bearers and some of the relay crew. Currently, now that we are in Halifax, we have about 40 of us now.

Day 21 ended in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, the end of day ceremony was at St Francis Xavier university, which has over 4200 students enrolled there.

Jake, our medal bearer host, got a visit from his dad, Russ, who lives just outside of Antigonish. Jake and I spent the afternoon at his dad's house, situated in a gorgeous valley.

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