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Day 32 and 33 Charlottetown to Summerside P.E.I

Day 32, Charlottetown. Today, Kyle and I took the Odyssey as we only had 4 medal bearers
We first had to go for breakfast at the Rodd Charleton hotel, built in 1931 by the CN railway. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip stayed there in 1973 during the PEI centennial confederation celebration.

fancy shmancy, and comped of course!

Andrew is right up there we me on the a.d.d. scale

Kyle and Josh flanking Sony our endurance athlete. His segment is over for now, but I think he will be back later in the relay
The fog rolls in

The fog lifted, but it must of affected our gps, it decided we should go down this dirt road for awhile.

Kyle and I were a bit early, so we stopped at this potato processing farm just outside of Kensington, P.E.I.

This is why they call it spud island

We were told all of the potatoes here  (up to 24 million pounds) are bought by Frito-Lay, and the majority get shipped overseas to a lot of the asian countries

as stompin tom would say " and another big load of potatoes"

We drove by the Cavendish farms processing plant outside of Summerside, P.E.I, all the potatoes here go to making McDonald's french fries!
Blast from the past, city hall in Kensington, PEI had this olympic torch on display, Kyle worked on the torch relay as well

The Kensington city flag, named after the borough of Kensington in London, the town crest includes the potato flower and a lobster, now you know

Another small group. Adrea on the left is an active runner who just finished her first half marathon. She decided to get in shape last year, and has lost 95 pounds. Tyler and Jodi are in the middle are exceptional students from their respective schools. Lynne Anne on the right started a running club in her community, for all ages and abilities. She has 92 people signed up for her fall group not bad for a town with a population of less than 1500

The warm-up, done to the tune of Katy Perrys Firework, kinda grows on you after awhile
Super cozy on the way to their insertion point, where their segment of the relay begins
Directing traffic is Anne of  Green Gables, aka Natilie, our co-ordinator for Atlantic Canada and Quebec

The local running club, the "Island Girls", followed their fellow running club member and medal bearer Lynn Anne into the lunch break. Kyle and I were made honorary Island Girls!

Lynne Anne answering some questions about her experience
More dirt roads courtesy of the GPS

End of day Celebration in Summerside at the local arena

A smaller crowd today, people want to see Rick, and he was on his way to Iqualiut

The shore of Summerside, PEI
Later the relay crew were given tickets to the P.E.I rockets game in Charlottetown against the Val d'or (quebec) foreurs, which in English is valley of gold drillers

Billy (advance) brawling with the PEI rocket mascot "tomahawk"

old time hockey

We liked this val d'or defensemen , he has the same name as our transport manager, Don Beaupre

PEI goalie counting down the last 5 seconds, he got the shutout, PEI won 3-0
Day 33 was our first official day off in 2 weeks. Jeremy and I headed out with no real plan. First we saw Province house, the PEI legislative building in Charlottetow that has been in use since 1847. In 1864 it hosted the Charlottetown conference whick resulted in the Canadian Confederation

Outside the legislature
Next it was off down the highway to the 70 mile yard sale, something PEI puts on once a year for the past 14 years in southeastern PEI. There were dozens of sales all up and down the roads and highways

soy bean crop along the way, lots of soya beans, corn ,and of course potatoes
We stopped at the chuckwagon farm market, the prices on the hay was tempting

good selection of fresh fruit and vegetables

This guy was getting the corn ready

for the corn cannon, 25 cents to launch a corn cob out into the field, aiming at tractor targets, those cobs flew!

Jeremy's turn, we were both bad, but I managed to hit one tractor
We ran into Ross, (route marking, piloting and advance), so it was game on with the tractor races, unfortunately, I waited too long to make my move and finished a dissapointing 3rd

Next, it was onto the rubber bouncy horsies, yes it was fun, natalie, dawn, ross and I had fun, till the children asked for their horsies back

this was a farmer's amusement park, next was the corn maze

this corn was over 10 feet high, not for the claustraphobic

You had to guess a trivia question to get a clue on which way to go next, we got lost twice, and it took us 45 minutes to get out!
souvenirs anybody

On the way to Prim Point, we saw a house that had all these little glass house building in the back yard, it was the guy's hobby

Prim Point lighthouse, the oldest in PEI, built in 1845

another stunning day

below the lighthouse

towmater on the side of the highway

Jeremy wanted to go for a swim, the locals suggested the beach at Souris, PEI, founded by the Acadians in 1727 as a fishing village, the name means Mouse in french, due to the several plagues of field mice

Jeremy hanging with kite surfers
They suggested if we wanted a swimming beach to go 20 miles down the road to Basin Head

Basin head has the nickname "singing sands", it was one of the nicest beaches I have ever been on

a little cool, but clear and refreshing, the tides had the sands moving under my feet, the sand has a high silica content

not sure what i am trying to accomplish with this shot

Located between Northumberland Strait and the Gulf of St Lawerence

The inlet into Basin Head

End of the day off, everyone Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack to work!

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