Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 26 and 27 Halifax to Lantz to Truro, Nova Scotia (sept. 18 and 19, 2011)

Day 26 started with another beautiful fall day, on a busy highway, Jake and I were on our way to our medal bearer meeting point in Sackville, Nova Scotia. 4 busy days in Halifax, and not many scenery pictures to show for it.
Navel ship down in the Halifax harbor

As we crossed the Macdonald Halifax harbor bridge, which I had to pay 7 tolls of $2.75 over the 5 days, we noticed the bridge was adorned with bras in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer society Run for the Cure Halifax run.

Our medal bearer meeting point was at a McDonald's in Sackville (after all, they are a sponser), on display was the 25th anniversary medal, and a pair of gloves Rick Hansen used (he used 96 pairs), on his original man in motion tour
Jake is the host today, the meeting was in the restaurant, a little noisy, but it worked out. We had amazing difference makers again today including two Canadian soldiers that served in Afghanistan

The crowd was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Rick Hansen. Don't worry, Ronald McDonald was back again to keep the crowds in high spirits

Rick once again motivates and inspires the crowd

Our medal bearer group poses with Rick before heading out on the shuttle bus to be dropped at their segment start points
After letting our medal bearers off, Jake and I headed to Curly Portables restaurant in Elmsdale, Nova Scotia. I remember this place from the Olympic Torch Relay, the food and atmospere is great and even Mickey Moose was here!

Lucky day, Lawerance Elk was here as well

and of course, I had to say Hi to Cuddles, haven't seen her since the Olympic Torch Relay, she was really happy to see me, and insisted on a kiss
Which one of us has aged the most, retro pic from the Olympic Torch Relay
After that nonsense, we headed to the East Hans sports complex in Lantz, Nova Scotia, for the End of Day Celebration. This is a brand new full size indoor soccer field with artificial turf. Cost $17 mill with a new ice surface beside the soccer field

All the usual suspects were here today, Rick is flanked by Grimace, the hamburglar, and Birdie? hoo boy

Ronald just keeps on showing up, the crowd formed a corridor for the last medal bearer of the day

 Hammin it up! Natilie (liason for the Atlantic provinces) and Megan, (who is with the soon to be released Rick Hansen Foundation Global Accessabilty map),

Day 27 for me and our medal bearer host Kyle was a drive to our medal bearer meeting point at this quaint community hall in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia  (that's shoobinackadee)

I love these spots, the small town people are so proud, and we only had 4 medal bearers in this group so it was very intimate

Kyle with medal bearer Susan, who has a picture of a relative taken with Rick 25 years ago when he wheeled through town.

Susan was so proud to be a medal bearer, the sticker denotes where her segment starts, she wanted to the savor the moment and didn't want to let go

Our host Kyle, chattin strategy with Wendy, one of our drivers who was driving the pace/media motorhome
couldnt resist, why do I think that's funny

Boy, hope were not late to end of day celebration in Truro, traffic is a little heavy this afternoon
End of day was at Victoria Park in Truro, where they have recently renamed the street Rick Hansen way

One of the volunteers, Larry, took me for a tour of this amazing park, and insisted I had to climb "Jacobs Ladder"

A lot better looking down, it was cool, there are many kilometers of walking trails, two waterfalls, and an 300 year old old growth hemlock forest

View from the top of the park overlooking Truro and the surrounding valley

Our first marching band, like being at a parade!
There he is again, Ronald keeps showing up ??????????

Rick and the medal bearers being marched in

Russ, (events) and Kelly (advance) getting into it

Rick always has time for people, to here their stories, to sign autographs and pose for pictures

The line up for autographs was 3 hours long, this was the tail end
All this hard work makes a man hungry, and why not support the sponser

when in Nova Scotia, it's McLobster time, yum yum

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