Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 34, and 35 Summerside ,P.E.I. to Shediac, New Brunswick

Day 34 was an non-relay day. Pat, Don, and I were on a mission today to move two vehicles, the supply truck to Shediac, New Brunswick, and one of the brand new Acura's which was having terrible electrical problems to an Acura dealer in Moncton, New Brunswick. This meant heading for the Confederation bridge. Opened in 1997, it is 12.9 kilometers long, and cost $1 billion to build. It is privately owned.

The toll gate. You only pay going from P.E.I. to New Brunswick. Free back to P.E.I, but then your only other option is a ferry, that apparently cost even more than the toll

What are you going to do? Swim across?

Following Don across
The first thing you notice about New Brunswick, is the french content. It is the only province in Canada that is officially bilingual

I counted 13 warning lights on the Acura as I drove, it was a miracle it actually ran.

A nature center just across the bridge.

When we dropped the Acura off in Moncton, we had to come back across the bridge, this is the view from the New Brunswick side

Someone believed anything is possible

The New Brunswick shoreling , still on the Northumberland Strait
Day 35 started in Summerside, P.E.I. with our endurance athlete, Matt who just joined us, riding his hand cycle

The students gather for the arrival of the medal bearer at Summerside Intermediate School

In this picture, Sony our retiring endurance athlete is shown with his mother, one of the medal bearers today in Summerside
Yes, there is such a place, and it is in Summerside, Piping and performing celtic arts

This lady had the biggest smile on her face from one end of her medal bearer segment to the other.

In Borden-Carleton , P.E.I., just before we cross the Confederation Bridge (again for some of us)

This time, I am driving the motorhome and pace vehicle in front of the medal bearer, much the same as I did on the Olympic Torch Relay, and I even get a police escort.They even shut down the bridge for a bit, so the medal bearer could do a segment.

My view in the side mirror of the medal bearer
First time for twin medal bearers, unfortunately one turned her head when I took the pic

Our two escorts for the day , Jeremy (Fish), not to be confused with my roomie, Jeremy (Nish), and Tyrone wait with the medal bearer in Port Elgin, New Brunswick

High fives for all in Port Elgin

Port Elgin Region School

Bibliotheque publique de Cap-Pele.

Center in the heart of Acadia- Cap Pele (town hall??)

This rear camera mounted on the dash of the pace motorhome is how I guage where to be in front of the medal bearer

End of day Celebration on Shediac, New Brunswick

Home for two nights at the Seely motel in Shediac, are only window was a portel out into the parking lot, looking down on our relay vehicles, nice view

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