Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 28 and 29 Truro to New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, to Montague , Prince Edward Island

One of the many spectacular heritage buildings in Truro.
First United Church, built in 1916
Kyle and I started the day with a medal bearer breifing at the Cobequid (derived from the Mi'Kmaq first nations word "wagobagtik" meaning the bay runs far up ) Education Center in Truro. This is the largest high school in Nova Scotia with over 1700 students. Here is a picture on the wall from when Rick Hansen came through here 25 years ago

There was also a painting of Terry Fox

We got the board room today for our breifing. Kyle was the host (in white of course) On the right of Kyle was Sarah Conrad, one of Canada's olympic snowboarders. She is from Halifax. One the left of Kyle was a woman that was hearing impaired. I found it interesting that she had an amplifier on a string that she passed around to whomever was speaking at the time so she could hear better. Good practice for the medal transfer!
For lunch Kyle and I headed to Murphy's, who self proclaim they have the best fish and chips in Canada. They were good, but the best?

Kyle's seafood platter, you can bet half of that ended up in a doggy bag!

What would a trip to Truro be without a trip to Stanfield underwear factory. There are still over 400 people working here.

Hard at the sewing machines

This plant was huge, and seemed a little dated to me.
The good weather continues to follow us

Our last group of the day was is Stellarton, Nova Scotia, just outside of New Glasgow. Here we are dropping off one of the medal bearers. You can see the marker underneath the sign. Awareness is what this relay is all about

End of day in New Glasgow, Jeremy and me trying on our new hats I got at the Stanfield underwear plant
Day 29 started at the Temperance St elementary school in New Glasgow. This school has seen better days, the teachers tell me a new one is being built.

The kids all line up for a presentation about Rick Hansen, and a chance to do the warm-up dance with the day's medal bearers
Highball Tatamagouche and Pugwash!

On the way to the Pictou, Nova Scotia ferry terminal

Town of Pictou in the distance. Hard to take a good shot when your going 110 Kmh

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getting in line with the rest of the convoy
view of the harbor from the ferry

A last look at Nova Scotia

Russ (events) and Steph (she looks after all the hotel and travel arrangements, and much more)
" Farewell to Nova Scotia "

The sun was setting in the west
The birds were singing on every tree
All nature seemed inclined for to rest
But still there was no rest for me.
Farewell to Nova Scotia, you sea-bound coast
Let your mountains dark and dreary be
For when I am far away on the briny ocean tossed
Will you ever heave a sigh and a wish for me?

I grieve to leave my native land
I grieve to leave my comrades all
And my parents whom I held so dear
And the bonnie, bonnie lassie that I do adore.


The drums they do beat and the wars to alarm
The captain calls, we must obey
So farewell, farewell to Nova Scotia's charms
For it's early in the morning I am far, far away.


I have three brothers and they are at rest
Their arms are folded on their breast
But a poor simple sailor just like me
Must be tossed and driven on the dark blue sea.


The boys, Russ, Jake, moi, Don, and Pat

It was Jeremy Fish's birthday, (events), here he is getting some birthday hugs from some ladies we met from Ontario

The bright red mud of Price Edward Island. Now Stompin Tom Connors even sang about it, "It's Bud the Spud from the bright red mud, goin down the highway smilin, the spuds are big on the back of bud's rig, there from Prince Edward Island, their from Prince Edward Island!"

Rollin down the highway smilin

On the way to our end of day celebration in Monatague, P.E.I. , I spyed a sign that said Buffaloland, I had to check it out, and sure as shootin, there was this park with about 25 of the great beasts

Apparently, the original Buffalo that were here were a gift from the Alberta government to P.E.I. There is absolutely no signage explaining anything about the Buffalo at the park.
I arrived at Montague regional high school, they were having an award ceremony for their undergrads, and they tied it in nicely with a visit from Rick Hansen

A gorgeous September day heading down into the town of Montague where the end of day celebration was

The mouth of the Montague river. Montague pop. 5134 The river flow out into Northumberland Strait

This high schools student was a fantastic singer and musician, she warmed up the crowd for Rick's arrival

The local museum
The crowd gathers once again............

to see the man in motion
o boy, more kool-aid, served by local volunteers

Rick always has time for everyone, I don't know how he keeps his game face on all the time!

The local air cadets fattening us up with more hotdogs!

This was one of the finer days on the relay so far. Monty might have been a better name for this exquisite gem, Montague is so formal!

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