Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 19 Sydney to St. Peters, Nova Scotia

Time to say good-bye to Sydney after 4 days. Great scenery and great people!

On the waterfront is the worlds largest ceilidh fiddle, built to celebrate Nova Scotia`s celtic heritage and the many folk musicians and fiddlers coming out of the area

What can I say, a beautiful sunny day travelling on Highway 4 in Nova Scotia

I heard a rumor, and decided to stop on my way to St. Peter`s

Sure enough, at Rita`s teahouse was the woman and Canadian icon herself, Rita MacNeil. She has this teahouse in her hometown of Big Pond, Nova Scotia. It was full of memorabilia and people! She was quite delightful, I told her I loved her in the episode of  ``Trailer Park Boys`` she did.

One of the many areas of the teahouse that showed her photos and accomplishments

Highball Big Pond!

Coming in to the charming town of St Peter`s. There is a one lane bridge that crosses over a canal that spans between Bras d`or Lake (golden arm) and the Atlantic. This community dates back to the 1600`s . It is on an isthmus, and the canal was built to span the two bodies of water, and became a national historic site in 1929

This was the biggest turnout so far for an end of day celebration. The town was also having a celebration for the grand opening of their new park, and also honoring one of the long time residents who was also a medal bearer today, Georgy Robertson. OMG, more hotdogs and hamburgers, supersize me!

The new playground for the kids of St. Peter`s

Pat and Kayla, soaking up the sun

The Bras d`or Inn, a quaint little Inn that our relay staff had taken over completly.

The town of St Peter`s honored us with a lobster feast later in the day. Everything was donated by local businesses, like Lobster R Us, (look it up), we were treated royally with lobster, steak, and amazing salads and desserts, hosted by the local Lion`s club.

This one is mine, beauty, eh!

What a feast, much gratitude and thanks to the Lion`s and the people of St Peter`s for making us feel so welcome. I have to lie down now!

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