Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 13 Cornerbrook to Stephenville, Nfld

Day 13, one last walk along the beautiful walking trails in Cornerbrook

The start of day medal bearers/difference makers

Photo Op with the relay medal, and with their host, Jake. The fellow on the right, Paul, is a local comedian who came to our meeting in Cornerbrook, and schooled us all on how to be newfie, he even screeched us in (newfoundland rum)  and made us kiss a frozen cod! We are a trusting bunch.

Our first medal bearer of the day Maureen shares her experience with Russ

This is Jerry, he was a volunteer at the end of day celebration ceremony in Stephenville. He is also head of the local search and rescue in there. Here he is giving Hank and I a tour of one of their search vehicles.

I knew the people in Newfoundland were very friendly, but this?

End of day celebration in Stephenville

The Stephenville Airport. Apparently the U..S. Airforce built this in the 40's, the runway is large enough to land the space shuttle.  It is very quiet there now, with only two commercial flights a week coming in. The runway is 10,000  feet long, I will post a link, too much information!

The airport, as it is today.

Day 8, in Grand Falls-Windsor, we had a bit of time off , so the locals told us to head to Twillingate, Nfld.

Okay kids, (Ross, Jeremy, and Andrew), I suppose the sign is a little humorous

Andrew on the Rock

Lots of Jellyfish out here, they float with the waves and the tide.

Twillingate had so many different vistas.

Lobster trap washed up on the beach

Andrew giving it the thumbs up!

There were lots of sea urchins up on the rocks, dropped by the gulls?

There was this strip of shrimp skins on the beach.

The shrimp skin trail????

No arrow on the bottom sign, guess I must of been standing in it!

Yes , if you look close you can see two icebergs in the horizon. Okay, the signal is slow in Stephenville and it is late, so this Part One of a Two part expose on Twillingate, stayed tuned!

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