Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 6 Greetings from Gander!

The picture says it all. Salvage, Newfoundland.

I love Newfoundland!

Hangin with Gordon in Salvage. He was born and raised there, a fisherman of course, great guy couldn't understand a thing he was saying!

Down by the water in Salvage

This is a view from Joey's (Smallwood) Lookout on the Trans Canada. It overlooks the town of Gambo

Fishing shack with lobster traps in Salvage

I can't figure out how to remove this duplicate!

Day 5, this is a group of medal bearers in Gander, Nfld I had on my shuttle. They are all "difference makers", and there stories are all so inspiring.

This was in an overgrown cemetery in Salvage. A lot of the grave markers had poems on them.

Time to relax, sitting on the Trans Canada in Gander.

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