Sunday, July 3, 2016

Wayward wrap out, Frequency prep.

Farewell to the Main Street of Wayward Pines (at least for season 2). You can still catch the last four episodes on Fox,  9 p.m. on Wednesday nights.
My week was spent returning vehicles and equipment, a very busy time at the studio. (you never know what you'll run into this week)

burnt "abbies" just lying around, sloppy work from the inventory team
Finally, junior takes me out for my birthday dinner, heck , only 4 1/2 months late, but I'll take it!

Junior, the wine connoisseur, a merlot from a familiar place, Red Rooster winery on the Naramata Bench. I nice little steak house in North Burnaby, Little Billy's.

the dinner was very good

and the birthday cake was even better.

but it was not long before I was called to duty at YVR to pick up the director for a new series starting to film in Vancouver, Frequency. Click here to watch the trailer.

one show finishes and another one start in the very busy film world in Vancouver. This stage at North Shore Studios is starting construction for the 3rd season of Izombie.
and this is held over from season two of Izombie in a stage kitty-corner from the new one.

the morgue is soon to be brought back to life. (pun)
I had some down time this week, and went for pho with my brother down by Chinatown. (This corner is Pender and Main)

ahhhh Canada Day, I cannot speak for everyone on this, or not even myself for that matter.
Don't know much about this show, but apparently I will be on it!
Omg, web pics with puns worse than mine!

My exact impression of cats, bravo!

In Canada, no one is surprised.....

I would have got closer, haha

why the hell didn't anyone think of this before??????

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