Sunday, July 17, 2016

Frequency prep.

A much needed quiet week for me in the film world. After doing one short day on Man in the High Castle, I started prep on the newest, bestest t.v. show that no one has ever heard of, Frequency. (click the link, it sounds like it may have some potential)
a new show needs a new ride! I am blessed enough to drive this 2016 Dodge Durango Citadel for the show. I think the cast is going to like it.

sign of the times in the booming real estate land of Vancouver. So many new condo projects popping up beside the already well established towers in the downtown core.
and had time to watch episode 8 of 10 of season two of Wayward Pines, it's good!

The female leader of the abbies, Margaret, is on the run after leaving Meagan (Hope Davis) with no hope.
Hassler (Tim Griffin) and Theo (Jason Patric) are on the hunt.

I wont spoil it, uhhhhh yes I will, Hassler lets Margaret go through this secret tunnel, and he decides his chances are better outside of Wayward Pines, and is soon to follow her lead.
random, I needed to clean the dish drainer, and bending this tooth brush seemed like the only way to get the job done, pic
so, light on film subject matter, so I went to the web...
this one is open to so many interpretations .

as a truck driver myself, I'm just a little more than curious.

so much going on in the world today, how has this become an issue???
Pokémon Go has become a thing that I will never understand.
I don't understand the game, but I do understand that this is not right.

Disrespect that I am sure the Pokémon Go players are totally oblivious to.

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