Sunday, July 10, 2016

A bit of a breather....

Two weeks after the filming of episode 10 of season 2 of Wayward Pines, I find myself watching episode 7 during my week off between shows. It was the best one yet in my opinion.

Alas, the demise of Megan. A lot of fans did not like her character, but I am sure going to miss Hope Davis, she was a delight to be around on set.

ahhhhh, Margaret (played by Rochelle Okoye) , the leader of the abbies turns out to be way smarter than people realized. She is so awesome in this show.
after the show aired Wednesday night, people were all a twitter! (Some very passionate fans of this show, to be sure!)
So I lasted a whole 3 days off before I got bored and answered a call to work on the second season of The Man in the High Castle. This show is about what the United States would be like if the Japanese and Hitler had won W.W. II
Click here to view trailer.
Scenes from the show. I actually was way, way behind the scenes on this show.

Rufus Sewell looks intense.
No, this is not a picture vehicle on the show. This is the grip department 10 ton truck I had to drive. (it's been awhile, but just like riding a bike, right?)

Ended up working with my Teamster buddy Tracey, always good for a few belly laughs. We had a rare chance to go for a beer after work.

The next day, just to change it up, they threw me into this sporty flat deck truck, towing a trailer that houses 3 actors, to the next location.
Day 3, truck # 3, this time, this truck and trailer combination, once again for the grip department.

Well, I can think of worse work views. On Saturday, we ended up on Westham Island in Delta. Less than 1 hour from downtown Vancouver, and I am looking at this out my front windshield!

nice to see there is still farm land left in the lower mainland.
the sun sets on another day in the film industry

bar none, the best parking lot I have ever parked on in any job I have had!

meanwhile, back in the Okanagan, seems like junior had picked up his own new ride. (his old pick-up truck finally succumbed to it's mechanical failures)
Love this billboard, an option for Americans afraid of who their next president is going to be.

Meanwhile, back in the Okanagan, my brother-in-law came across this rattlesnake while working at his job controlling noxious weeds in the South Okanagan.

A tribute to Canada day and the U.S. 4th of July!

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