Sunday, July 31, 2016

Frequency, season 1, episode 2

Well, as the finale of Wayward Pines was airing this week, we started filming on the first season of the new t.v. series, Frequency
(a shot of #1 Peyton List talking to he dad, back in time 20 years, on a ham radio)..

a youngish looking dad she is talking to. She is in 2016, he is in 1996. Crazy.... stay tuned. The dad is portrayed by Riley Smith.
The cover of the script for episode 2. (the first episode will be the pilot which was shot earlier in the spring)

The work trucks (grips, and electrics)  are in full use at the studio in south Burnaby, where we spent the first 4 days of filming.

well, it's not New York, but with some curtains on stage, we can make it look like it.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, a nice break from filming. I humbly spent a day in a skin cancer clinic in Vancouver.

nice view , though

I still feel quite lucky that I had what I had. There were 14 other people with skin cancer, some had it a lot worse than I did. 10 to 14 people per day at this clinic, the only one that specialises in Mohs surgery.

My doctor, who apparently is a descendent of Picasso, haha, drew out the second surgery for me that day.
On a beautiful day, I do not need to be in a sweltering stage, when I can hang out in the parking lot. As long as I am in radio contact, all is good.

Holy! I thought by back up camera was sending me to the stars, until I realized my rear hatch was open! (groan!)

The construction crew worked their butts off to get the sets ready for the first week of filiming.

The end of the week found us at the Allied Ship Yards in North Vancouver. (if your into old building and junk, you have found your home!) (I love it!)

not sure what for, but no thanks!

they got junk!

oh yea!, our first fraturday! (Friday work stretching to Saturday morning).
random web shots

nice plug

I'll take 3 of what she's having!

easy solution, right?

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