Sunday, August 7, 2016

Frequency Season 1 Episode 3

After a rough start to the first season of the CW series, Frequency, it was nice to start to settle into a grove and be around some familiar locations. Once again I find myself at the iconic Crease Clinic at Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam.
Hanging in the alleys of downtown Vancouver again. (picking up execs at one of the long stay hotels, the Level Furnished Living).

2 of our filming days were less than an hour from downtown Vancouver, in the peaceful farm belt of Langley. (the canopy of trees was a nice entrance to our base camp location. )

Who'da thunk it! We were amazed by the amount of corn fields in the area.

and tall, too. (some were 10 feet high at least)

It's a full house at the hotel where most of the actors from out of town stay, the Sutton. So our guest stars ended up staying at the Sheraton Wall Center, on Burrard Street in Vancouver.
Meanwhile, back at the farm, I managed to chill for awhile under the shade of maple trees.

Our first day of filming this week at Riverview Hospital was at the East Lawn building.

The architecture of the day was not overly inviting.
but the breakfast quesadillas from our caterers certainly were!

The 2nd day of filming at the farm in Langley. It was so far east, we were less than one mile from the next city of Abbotsford.

No stress in this traffic, what a treat!
The trying to get artsy shot of the farm

down yonder

the actual farmhouse.
base camp parked in the north 40. (badly trying to sound like a farmer)

The letters on the directional sign are the call letters on the "ham radio" our stars use to communicate to each other. (Through a 20 year time warp)

A couple of the actors heard there was water nearby and they asked me to drive them down to the mighty Fraser River. (one commented that it was such a delight to see, as they live in drought stricken Los Angeles)
That  farm life creates a lot of dust, time to hit the car wash!

a new view for me, hanging out at the Sheraton, looking across to St. Paul's Hospital on Burrard in Vancouver.

Friday night we were back at Riverview. Now this will, apparently, look like a little restaurant in Hawaii, when episode 3 airs sometime in October. Oh, the magic of film.

Nothing creepier than the Crease Clinic at night. I have heard way too many ghost stories about this place.

ahh, the last scene of the night. This is when you realize your Friday had turned into Saturday, hence the name "Fraturday!"
random old beer ad, I like it!

I saw this in an office, the Judgemental map of Vancouver, yikes!
Now this weeks random web shots, really?



Random headlines. Really?

If you want my opinion, which you will get ha ha, cuz it's my blog, I think both stomachs are equally yuk.


talk about being in the dog house....

it works....

like my brother-in-law always says, "stay cool and you won't get hot!"

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