Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Frequency, end of episode 3 and start of 4

You know, sometimes things just sneak up on you.....
........ when I had a few minutes before my cast pick-up at the Vancouver International Airport. I stopped in at the MacArthur Glen Outlet mall by the airport.

Another logistically busy, busy week on the first season of the C.W. show set to air in October, "Frequency". Back out on the old farm homestead in Langley for  another day to complete episdode 103.

I could of sworn I was in Langley, British Columbia, but apparently we are in New Jersey! Huh!
Back downtown Vancouver picking up the director for episode 103 at the Sheraton Wall centre. It was an honour to drive this nice young lady around for the episode. ( Nina Lopez-Corrado)

ahhh, back in familiar territory, the east side of Vancouver. This is Station street, a block from Main Street and a block from the bus/train station.
We filmed a lot here on the first season of the Magicians last year.

our picture car (vehicles used in the show) wrangler, Trevor, chilling out with one of the New York city cabs used on the show.

attention to detail

this was scene was on the street, the crew had to stand way back so they were not in the shot.
in this scene on the street, the year was 1998, so all of the picture vehicles had to 98 or older.

Stunt people earn their money. Without spoiling anything, let's just leave it at he bounced off the taxi. (yes, that was a real stunt person getting hit by a taxi and breaking a real winshield)

going the extra mile (and height) for the shot. You would not catch me up there. While the camera man was up there, a wind started blowing......

We were tucked under the Dunsmuir viaduct , (connecting traffic to the downtown core) and the sky-train track. (oh yes, noise pollution)

a sudden gust of wind of so strong, it bent aluminum piping holding lighting screens.

It all came tumbling down, thank-fully no one was injured.

A shout out to catering for their presentation of the tuna for our lunch this week.
On Cordova street, I am sure these yellow shutters are both decorative and sun shielding?

one of  the crew, the shirt was at least worth noticing

confusing times in the film industry filming in Vancouver. The show is supposed to be New York/ New Jersey, but according to the billboard, we must be in Seattle. (leftover from another production?)

2 days this week we were in the heart of Gastown in Vancouver. Such a mix of affluent, tourist, and homeless. Even being close to these alleys is so sketchy.

Waiting for cast looking north on Abbott street.

Filming in Gastown stretched into the evening.

filming on Abbott between Cordova and Water streets.

Yah, the nerd of all selfie takers! A pic of me, Rob (honestly, waiting outside a barber shop for a hair cut)(only the sides!), and Sev on the left, Teamster bro's

Reality. The hazard of filming on the eastside of downtown Vancouver.

in a gutter by our catering, the smell of urine was nauseating. It was sad to see all the troubled people. I do not know the solution, do you?
So now it's time to escape to mindless stuff, so I found some more random pics on the net. Seriously, how the heck did they pull this one off?

news to me

now what

must be a science professor

no more calls, we have a winner here!


litigation fears

kinda cool

nuff said

the poutine Olympics? defib standby!

once again, defibrillator stand by!

sorry, but yup

given a task, must not use common sense

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