Sunday, August 14, 2016

Frequency, episode 3 continues...

Oh man, things are heating up on the CW t.v. adaptation of the 2000 movie Frequency starring Dennis Quaid. Here, our lead, Peyton List, talks on an old ham radio to her father, (Riley Smith) who is 20 years in the past.
Part of this weeks duties including stopping by "the Flash" production office (another CW show) to pick up some things for our make-up department.

Downtown Vancouver by the convention centre at the start of the week. It has been cool and wet, and people pondered whether summer was ever going to come.

but by Wednesday, the weather started changing, and it was the perfect time to sneak off to a Vancouver Canadians baseball game! (actually, due to actor availability, we had Wednesday and Thursday off).
such a cool little 5,000 seat stadium in the heart of the Vancouver suburbs. (and the games are sold out for the season)

my new cast driving hood, the Sheraton Wall Centre on Burrard in Vancouver. (normally I would be at the Sutton Place hotel, but there is no more room for actors due to the amount of productions currently filming in Vancouver)
It's nutz in Hollywood North!

early, early morning view of St. Paul's hospital across the street.
back at the studio at the C.M.P.P (Canadian Motion Picture Park) in south Burnaby. Fellow Teamster brothers Rob and Dallas chilling in the heat (yes, 28 celsius by the end of the week) on the back of the cable truck.
4 shows are currently filming at CMPP, Frequency, Supernatural, Lucifer, and DC Legends of Tomorrow.

Up in the office your can see our "circus". (base camp) on the left.

and Supernatural's on the right.
In the transport office, some of the "picture cars" that will be needed on the show this season.

Later in the week, it was that scenic cruise out to our farm set in Langley. So nice to get off the traffic chaos of Highway 1. (dropping of equipment for filming next week)

another one of the interesting errands I get to do, this time picking up police badges for our props department.
looks like Vancouver will soon become New Jersey

Now that is one bad ass looking cop. (I had to try one on!)

construction is ever evolving on the sets at our studio
behind the scenes at the studio. The trees are outside of the windows inside the set. T.V. magic will have you smelling the fresh air when it airs!

one of the lighting lamps, that it one bad ass lite bulb in there.

back home on one of the days off, an old friend that I have known since we were 14 and washing dishes in Penticton, made a surprise visit.
back on the web, OMG, the street art is incredible!

no one wins this stand off.

Yea! making back to school fun again!

in honour of the 2016 Rio Olympics

I know, getting closer make the load lighter, but..............

I would like to believe it was a joke, but it probably is legit.

that's the way to knock the ego down a couple of pegs....

does it come with a free coffin?

please tell me he lost a bet!

forget the lightning, this dude is outstanding in his field!

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