Monday, June 27, 2016

andddddddddddd thats a wrap!

The end of season two of Wayward pines, and like this window close to our set on the last day, the future (on season 3) is not clear. (but it is looking shiny!)
Omg, what an ending! When you start your last week on Wayward Pines, and this is what you see in the sky, it suits the mood of the whole season. Beam us up, Scotty!
back at the studio, plastic pallets evolve into a season finale "pod room" spectacle. (you are just going to have to watch to find out)

I ran into my buddy Ron when we were at Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam. He's driving cast on a show called Beyond.

random, sign outside of a washroom in China showing available stall space, pic
Leaving the base camp for the last time this season at Riverview Hospital.

One more scene at the Wayward Pines Academy, where the children prepare for the future?
That's what the founder of Wayward Pines, Dr. Pilcher, wants them to believe.
A dark reality in Wayward Pines

The pageant was in episode 4, it was another twisted reality that left you feeling a little uncomfortable

if it was only that easy!
The last night of filming in the Coquitlam neighbourhood that serves as Wayward Pines. Wow we have spent a lot of time up here in all sorts of weather in the last 4 1/2 months

One by one all of the cast are departing Vancouver. Here is a pic of one of the cast drivers, Rob, with Christopher Meyer who plays Mario in the series.

The last day, the last look upon downtown Vancouver. (t.b.c.)
We worked a 6th day this week to finish the finale. Where else would you want to spend you Saturday than at Blieberger Farms in Langley.

A lot more pleasant weather wise this time. I still have a vivid memory of a cold rainy night here earlier in March.

Here's my lying down on the job pic.

As I have said before, 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver to this tranquility.
random bug and ant pic

lots of reminders of the past at the farm

We used this for the Pam Pilcher house in episode 3

lots in a window

Ahhhhh, the smell of freshly mowed grasses. (apologies to those with allergies)
the last supper (actually lunch), I will certainly miss all of the catered food, we are so spoiled.

some of the "abbies" taking a break from creating chaos, heading to lunch

the last scene shot was in the woods on the farm, with abbies running amuck.

one of the last scenes involved the gate to the super structure. They had to disassemble and reassemble this gate 4 time in 4 different locations over the course of the season.
and that's a wrap on season two

surfing the net, found this pic from the movie the Watchmen. (I think I make a dandy New Yorker!)

Same movie, (I think I make a dandy 1950"s doctor!)
random web pics, now these folks know how to party!

no thanks, I don't care how good it tastes.

well done!

This pic blows my mind!
Don't let the abbies get you! Stay safe until season 3!

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