Sunday, June 5, 2016

Wayward Pines, two more episodes to go!

Wow! Filming is coming to an end for the 8th episode of season two of Wayward Pines. Two episodes have already aired on Fox. Here is a shot of Kacey Rohl, who plays Kerry, Djimon Hounsou, Tom Stevens and Christopher Myers, who are stars on the show.
Also returning from season 1 is the lovely Hope Davis.
Djimon on the main street of Wayward Pines. This man has a good energy and quite a presence on set.
Back at the studio, Maynard Auction house is getting ready for a set sale from the last show that was here, Second Chance. (recently cancelled)

back downtown Vancouver to pick-up the show runner, always looking for a new vantage point for a pic. (This is on Cordova just east of Burrard looking south.)

across the street, looking north, the legacy of the torch from the 2010 Olympic Winter Olympics held in Vancouver. (I was lucky enough to travel across Canada as part of the torch relay team for 106 days)
The weather was unpredictable all week. This was outside of the main street of Wayward Pines in South Burnaby. (yes, I was hiding in my cast car)

Yea!, the ice cream truck is here, just in time as the weather is better today in the Wayward Pines (Coquitlam) neighbourhood. (as it turned out, it was a picture vehicle for the show. In the scene it drives down the stree,t broadcasting from speakers, how to behave in Wayward Pines.)

Strange weather today, ominous clouds behind our base camp in Coquitlam. (The rain did not arrive today)
The action switched to the end of this pathway. This may be the last forested area in this neighbourhood at the top of Coast Meridian in Coquitlam. The whole neighbourhood looks like a move set, too perfect?????

I stole a picture of the lead, Jason Patric, showing up at the stages in a stretch limo. (apparently this was the only vehicle available from the car service that he uses.)

We are blessed with excellent catering from First Take Catering. This is a typical salad bar that they serve every shooting day.
The week ended with a by chance impromptu visit to Hats Off Day, which covered many blocks of East Hasting in Burnaby close to where I live. (I have been here for 4 years and did not even know it existed, never mind for 32 years~)
The highlight was the show and shine with all of the classic cars.

very cool, I would look far from bad ass in the drivers seat.
trying to avoid the traffic snarl because of the Hastings Street closure, junior and I ended up a bit north. We were surprised and shocked to see Burrard Inlet in a whole new light.

Complete with tankers and fuel docks and maintenance facilities.

diving bells?

 There was even little submarines, not sure what it is all about.So close to suburbia, yet it is hidden from most of the public, sad!
Wow, my partner on the 2015 Pan-Am games torch relay, Hayley, posted a one year anniversary collage.

May have posted this before, but it is, after all, for my own enjoyment.
Web photos from the week include behind the scenes from famous movie sets, including Jurassic Park.

The Titanic

????? (I was attracted by the blue screen up top)

Gollom, Lord of the Rings

Pirates of the Caribbean. (the magic of film to transform the bottom guys into the top guys)

Ghost Busters, awesome!

web pics, sad but true>

by yourself a penny candy with your savings

Yah, I feel the same way

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