Sunday, June 12, 2016

Wayward Pines, airing episode 203, filming episode 209

The second to last episode of Wayward Pines, it's all a blur. (including the car wash early Monday morning.)
(Filming the 9th of 10 episodes this week, meanwhile, episode 3 of the 2nd season aired last Wednesday night.)

normally on a Monday morning, the front of the Sutton Hotel is packed with cast and executive vehicles picking up for the over 20 productions filming in the Vancouver area. I was shocked (and pleased) to see I was the only cast vehicle. (Some days I cannot even get a spot and have to wait down the block to get in.)

On Tuesday, I was early for my exec pick-up, (you never know what traffic is going to be liked) so I walked around down by the foot of Burrard street and Burrard Inlet.
very cool views, and at 6 in the morning, you almost get the whole city to yourself.

This wood carving is right north of Cordova Street, I doubt many even know it's there.

nailed that one with my Galaxy S5
Looks like sunset, but its sunrise , looking east

Brothers from way different mothers! My teamster buddy Craig on the left and my extra (background performer) buddy Ed Rocker met for the first time today. (Ed has his own blog about is film exploits. Click here)
The main street of Wayward Pines (Burnaby) was over flowing with all of the main cast and 465 extras! ( The logistics of it all!)

Is the main street ready for the onslaught?

I'd like to think our Teamster brothers and sisters are a little more fun than some of the other shows. Our co-captain Serena totally snuck up on me and let fly with the water pistols!
The always creepy West Lawn building at the closed Riverview Mental Hospital in Coquitlam. This time of year it stays light so late that they had to improvise and black out the front of the building, as the scene required it to look like night time. (hats off to the grip bros.)

Our catering was set up outside of the East Lawn ambulance entrance. (I cannot imagine what this was like back when it was operational)

The second day at Riverview did actually turn into night, as we filmed well into the evening. (no need to black out the entrance this time)

The end of the week found us back in the Wayward Pines neighbourhood (Burke Mountain in Coquitlam). As I waited with one of the actor's on board, I could see a lot of action going on behind me. (such as the camera team setting up). across the street is the set, a tunnel entrance to the "super  structure".
Now that the show is airing, I can show a little bit more of the action on set. This pic is of a video monitor showing the filming of Djimon Hounsou in one of the scenes in Maple Ridge. (the "pod room". you'll just have to watch the show to understand)

The night the 3rd episode of season 2 aired, the tweets were flying, including this on set pic of Djimon.

more action in the pod room

In another scene tweeted out, left to right, Jason Patric, Djimon Hounsou, Nimrat Kaur, Emma Tremblay and Michael Garza
end of the week random web pics 
a giraffe ferry??????

pic in a zillion

new meets, (or crashes into) old.

a nice way to end the week

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