Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hiatus in make believe land.

What a boxing day surprise, my bother-in-law paid me a visit where I was staying in Summerland for the holidays. I do not want to know how he got it from his place to mine, which included crossing a highway.
The roads were a little sketchy in Summerland, but what a beautiful winter wonderland, a nice place to be while the film industry in Vancouver is on hiatus until the new year.
Not much traffic on Giant Heads road, just as well.

Looking east over Okanagan Lake
Highway 97 between Summerland and Penticton wasn't much better.
Cruising down Skaha Lake Road in Penticton.
A Christmassy S.S. Sicamous sitting on Okanagan Lake at the North end of Penticton.
Back in Summerland, the brother-in-law has cleared his yard for a little snow-cycle action. (although he said he cleared the yard so the dogs could walk, hmnnnn)
junior had to get in on the action as well.
The local pub in Summerland. I had to try this burger, topped with Swiss cheese, mushrooms, and wait for it, a stack of pepperoni as well. (hence called the pizza burger). Topped with a Naramata nut brown ale to wash it down, it was soon to be nap time for this guy.
Good company with junior and my sis.
Ha ha, after nap it was up to visit my daughter. Lot's of snow and a great view looking over Okanagan Lake
That's at least 6 inches of the white stuff right there.
Back at sis and brother-in-law's, Emmy, Nikki, and Sophie watch the motorcycle show with disdain.
even the chickens aren't impressed.
inside, now that's a well adorned fridge!
A just like that, a week shot by and it was time to hit the Hope-Princeton highway back to Vancouver.
Roads were okay today, I managed to slip through between snowfalls.

random thought
back in Burnaby, the ice fog settled in for a couple of days, making driving a little dicey.

Hastings Street east in North Burnaby.
No snow today, this was all hoar frost.
So I think the frost was forming on my brain when I decided we should go to Ikea in Coquitlam, on the first Saturday in January. I have never seen it so busy. Then it came time to find the piece I wanted in the self serve warehouse.
After that ordeal, and another nap, it was time to do the Ikea assembly shuffle.

Why does even the simplest looking items come in a gazillion pieces?

but in the end, underneath it all you can see my coatrack masterpiece.

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