Sunday, January 24, 2016

I'm turning into a zombie on iZombie!

My first full week on iZombie, once again back to the long "zombie like" hours.
The week started at one of the show's stages, which just happened to be beside the old "Watchmen set" in South Burnaby, which was used for New York streets. Now it is being rebuilt and will be used for another t.v. series that starts filming in March, Wayward Pines

Two days in and I'm already being entrusted with the days film drives.
A familiar cruise down Boundary road, there is so much more snow on the North Shore mountains than all of last year.

Cast driving duties include getting the car cleaned at the car wash...

rinse cycle!
Impressive attention to detail at the morgue set for iZombie, (I suppose that is where the zombies get their fix of brains).

Outside one of the stages at the Bridge studios, I guess you need to keep a helicopter or two on the lot, you never know when it may be needed.
Another familiar location, the old Nokia building in South Burnaby. I was with two productions there last year, a WWE film, "Lockdown". and the t.v. series "Motive". A lot of other productions use this for their office scenes.

Later in the week found us filming inside the Union Jack pub in New Westminster
Now I could not resist this treat from the "crafty" (snack) truck. One thing I did notice was it was a lot smaller than I remember as a kid.

This was on the side of the Bean Buggy coffee truck that stops by a lot of the productions in the city. It took a couple of times reading it, but I get it now.
Vancouver is so versatile, it plays as many cities. iZombie is set in Seattle. Last week it was Portland on Bates Motel, next week, ?????

Friday found ourselves at the community hall of the Squamish first nation in North Vancouver. There were many examples of native art, including this totem pole.

and the doors to their "long house".
on the way to set, there's a good omen right there!

a quiet cul-de-sac in North Vancouver and a non-descript house is what production has decided is the perfect setting for the villain's hide out.
a short walk brought me to a little oasis so close to metropolis.

A heavy rain had the Capilano river raging on it's way to Burrard Inlet.

and the oasis evaporates, as I spy not one but three huge apartment towers in a security patrolled gated community!

but for a brief time and short distance, I'm alone on the planet (wow, that's pretty deep for me!)
and once again I bump into my old background performer friend, the Ed Rocker! I see him on so many shows! I always look forward to seeing his adventures on his blog. (click here)

here's a familiar scene, the filming ebbs from day to night, another late Friday night in make-believe land. I wonder how the neighbours enjoy having their street lit up like a roman candle?

The good news was we had a 1 a.m. curfew, so filming was not going to go on too much longer. (although it ran later than expected, and we could not move any of the trucks out of the neighbourhood until Saturday. Oh ya, F.Y.I., the zombie is in the red!

late Sunday night edition, a pic on set that Ed Rocker took of me protesting his taking a picture of me after I took a picture of him, phew! (I got the pic off of his blog, haha)

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