Sunday, January 10, 2016

Here we go again!

A short two week break, and it was right back it. It's busier in the film industry in Vancouver than ever, with no end in sight. and what a place to start the new year, on the set of Bates Motel, and the iconic Pyscho house, rebuilt out on 272 ave. in Aldergrove
A nice little surprise Monday morning up in the west side of Vancouver just off of Granville.

early enough, hard to get back into work mode so soon after the holidays
very cool, filming today was at Hycroft Manor, just off of Granville and 16th ave.  Said to be one of the most haunted homes in Vancouver click on this link for more info. It is now home to the University Woman's club of Vancouver.

another long day in the film industry, it was a long day that turned into night.
Tuesday looked very promising as a rainbow was over our shooting location at.............
The city of Burnaby city hall.
I live in Burnaby, but had no idea who it was named after until I saw this plaque at city hall.

and into the night again....
Wednesday we were filming at Schneider electric in Burnaby, which, on the day, is actually the....
the All Saints Hospital in Portland, Oregon

there's the proof right there, (actually these come from 911 film cars in New Westminster)
One of duties today was moving these trucks back to the studio in Vancouver.
now the studio in Vancouver was impressive enough, here is the front foyer of the Norma Bates house, the detail is amazing.

at the studio, on the outside of the Bates house.
on the inside, the attention to detail
even the front porch is so real looking.
and an  hour's drive away is the Bates Motel
where the Norma Bates love interest, the sheriff of White Pine Bay County, has come to visit.....
I can't get over how this place stands out
at the end of the week we dropped off some equipment at Minaty Bay by Squamish. What a gorgeous view of Howe sound on the way back to Vancouver

On Friday I was lucky enough to meet for lunch with some old friends from the 25th anniversary Rick Hansen relay across Canada I was on in 2011 and 2012, great to (behind me, Jane and Marylyn, and on the other side Mike, Russell and Kayla (who just got married on New Year's eve.)) I also worked recently with Marylyn, Russell and Kayla on the 2015 Pan-am game in Ontario
On Friday I was on "the Flash", a very popular action hero series now in it's second season.

on the net this week, I would like to think, as a professional driver, and a Teamster, I would not get myself into this situation, holy moly!

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