Sunday, January 17, 2016

Didn't win the powerball..............

Well, like millions of others, I did not win this weeks U.S. $1.5 billion dollar powerball lottery, so I had to go back to work.
For at least the next two weeks I will be driving cast on the second season of the CW hit series, izombie.
an early start on day 2 of a typical 8 filming days for one episode.
I've got to learn about zombies and eating brains and such, although I did work on the zombie video game movie last year, "dead rising", which does not make me an expert.
Random, if you ever go to Brown's Social House, be sure to try the "Biltmore" prawn pizza, very good, shot
There it is, my powerball ticket. I had zero plans for the jackpot, but I'm sure I would of thought of something.
more randomness, here is a prescription from a herbalist for a friend of mine's wife for an unknown, still a mystery, skin condition.
apparently you can make a drink out of these ingrediants, which includes cockroaches, uhhhhh, no thanks!
The week started in the downtown eastside of Vancouver, including this less than stellar "Hindenberg" pub on West Cordova. Very seedy area, the smell of urine and the drug needles were everywhere.
Awwww jeez, missed the fetish ball by two days! Next year!
The main studio for izombie is at North Shore studios in North Vancouver.
Inside the studio looking at the outside of some of the sets.
Well, didn't spend too long in the funeral home set, a little too creepy for me.
I guess this is a spare
Being part of the transport department, you get called upon to do all sorts or weird and wonderful errands. This time it was going to the super-market to pick-up veggie burgers for the caterers on the show.
One of the perks of cast driving, you get the use of very nice vehicles. This time it is a new Ford Flex, this car is deluxe. I shall call it "black beauty". (I do feel very appreciative for the work). Tomorrow, week two of my zombiefication?

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