Sunday, April 26, 2015

Xmas in April

The film industry has some beasts for trucks. This week I had to drive this behemoth (the front half is for hair and make-up ,while the rear trailer is for the wardrobe department) for a new WWE movie called, get this, " Santa's Little Helper", a Christmas movie being shot in the spring time. It stars one of WWE's premier wrestlers, MIke "the Miz' Mizanin
My week started in church (about time). Actually we were filming a scene from an upcoming comedy called Impastor. This was the Minoru chapel in Richmond.
Later that day there was another scene at this impressive house, built on farmland out in south Richmond.
The end of the day took us back to where we were last week, Ladner Harbour Park.

Tide's out, a river of mud.
Fast forward to Wednesday, back at a familiar location, Ajatan studios in North Vancouver. Looking across the water to the Allied Shipyards
It's so busy in the film industry right now, hard to believe there is still some empty studio space, like  this one at Ajatan.

Random shot outside one of the sets on a quiet street in the Vancouver neighbourhood of Kerrisdale
This home will be one of the sets

As a cast, exec's and director driver, I have been asked to do some interesting errands. Today was the first time I've been asked to transport the director's dog, "Skittles", from the production office to the hotel in downtown Vancouver. (Although Skittles was better behaved than some of the human passengers I have transported.)
It's official, as seen by the window sticker, Santa's Little Helper is a go.
Saturday was a move day for the trucks. Shooting will start on Monday in Whistler, aka "the North Pole!"
                                                                                              Here is a random shot of a fellow Teamster friend of mine who was out sturgeon fishing a managed to catch a "small" 6 ft. fish. (after the picture the fish was released)
 This week was done, and that is only bringing me closer to another upcoming project, the 2015 PanAm games               torch relay, which will be held in Ontario.

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