Sunday, May 3, 2015

Round and Round we go..............

Week two on the WWE film, Santa's Little Helper. Today we were in the resort town of Whistler, aka: "the north pole"
Santa's workshop was in this private ski lodge
There's my Teamster buddy Tracy babysitting the director's dog, Skittles.
Apparently it was not sunny enough at the North Pole
Beside the lodge, the Skunk Cabbage was starting to bloom.
I had to leave Whistler early, so my ride was the utility van for the show, which seemed kind of familiar.

Oh yes, it was used as a picture vehicle on the zombie flic, "Dead Rising"!, which I worked on last year.
I had to leave early so I could get to the airport to catch a flight. That's mine, AC 156, 22:30 to Toronto

Gate 49 and on time. It was an interesting flight, at least to me anyways.  Boeing 777, 450 passengers, my section had 10 seats across, no room of course. At the height of the flight we were 37,000 feet up and doing a speedy 1000 kmh!
Ahhhh, the red eye, landing in Toronto just as the sun is coming up. No time to sleep because..............
It's straight into meetings and training for the 2015 Pan-Am games torch relay, which will travel around Ontario for 41 days (representing the 41 countries that will participate) .
Part of the meeting was on sensitivity training. Jake and Lonnie joined us. Lonnie (a paraplegic)  (behind the chair) was one of our endurance athletes on the 25th anniversary Rick Hansen relay in 2012. Lonnie is also a B.A.S.E. jumper. Check this link out for an example. Jake, a  quadriplegic, (fell off a roof) did an incredible job as a host for the Rick Hansen relay, travelling with us for the entire 9 months.
People are starting to gather outside of the Corus media building.
It's a test event, so the gang puts together the torches, let's see if they work
success! (the real event does not start until the end of May)
Kind of a slick view of the C.N. tower from my hotel room.

a fading icon on the water at the foot of Yonge street, Captain John's seafood. It is now closed, check this link out to see the whole fascinating story.  (F.Y.I, the area around the ship smell like sewage, just sayin.)
Day two, more meetings, try and stay focused Monty!

 I can't! "Sugar Beach" is waiting right outside the window!
The view from the 8th floor.

This painting was commissioned for the torch relay. Even in this pic, it has a 3-D effect.

Saturday morning, our fearless leader, Otto, is lighting the lanterns that will light the torches for our test run in Hamilton. (The actual flame for the Pan-Am games is in Mexico City and will be flown up to Toronto at the end of May)

The practice torch bearers. Reminds me of being on the 2010 Olympic torch relay, except the clothing, 2010 was definitely a Canadian winter experience.

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