Sunday, May 24, 2015

End of one, start of another

The last week on the WWE film, Santa's Little Helper. This what they call a slate, where the information about which scene and which film take, and can be matched with sound and editing. (yes, they still click the top part and say take 1 take 2, etc.)
Today we were filming in and around a bar on the border of China Town in the eastside of Vancouver. Part of the scene was in the alley behind Main Street. As I went down the alley after dropping off cast I spied this little scene, apparently art of some sort. Check out this link

so, yes, might be a little small, this could possibly be Vancouver's only affordable housing

hmnnnn.................. I guess I'm not an artist, I do not get it at all. (except the fact the lot that it sits on is assessed at 1.7 mill.)

I do not know how I end up putting the pictures out of order, but this was a day later at Nick's Spaghetti house on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. The smart car is one of the "picture cars" , driven by the lead lady, Annalynne McCord.
Ahhhhhh, back to the alley outside of the Brickhouse Bar, on Main Street, close to the downtown eastside.

Down on Main Street, we do tend to take over.

Around the corner, I had heard about this place, a shrine to Jimi Hendrix. (alas, it had closed and moved to another location)

Sad, the alleys of the downtown Eastside, watch where you step.
Maybe the end of the movie, hopefully nothing else!

The crew working hard setting up lighting inside the bar.

The days filming (they use these drives now) was entrusted with me to take to Finale Editworks for processing.

Random flower shot close to set.
The Christmas decorations are just plain creepy if you ask me.

The film industry takes over another neighbourhood for a day.

Out front of Nick's restaurant, this hot dog cart and vendor are actually part of the scene today.

random flower shot 2
My last day (second last for the film) involved following around the smart car. The cameras were set up outside, taking random drive-by shots around town. The real actors were not needed for this, the people in the car are photo doubles of the main actors.

Attention to detail. They needed a shot of the actors foot coming out of the car. Apparently the photo double did not have the right foot, so they used Frida's, who is one of the hair stylists on the show.

The camera is on the ground to capture the exciting foot moment! That's a wrap for me on Santa's Little Helper.

Now it's time to pack for 41 days on the road in Ontario for the 2015 PanAm Games Torch Relay.

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