Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dont sweat it, Santa!

Another week on the WWE film, "Santa's Little Helper". How did the stars, Mike, "the Miz" Mizanin and Annalynne McCord end up on the floor of my car? (well, I ended up being a follow vehicle when the actors were driving around Maple Ridge in one of the scenes. The camera monitor is shown here, and I was driving the director, the director of photography, the script supervisor, the executive producer, and the assistant director behind the "picture car")
The week started at this entertainment center in Langley, the Great Escape. (our cable truck, which has all the cable to power up the productions when we are on the road is hogging the parking out front)
I know I am getting old. When I went in and saw all the games, laser tag, jungle gyms, tree forts, and a bunch of other kid friendly things, I thought, no thanks!

Definitely a zoo, albeit, a different kind of zoo.

and then just like that, we move from the man made to the natural, filming moved to Maple Ridge Park.

a lovely creek runs through, although, even with internet, I cannot find the name of this body of water. Never mind, found it, Allouette River!

The scene today was at Wildplay. (hey, I'm a poet and I don't even know it!)

This place was wild. People pay to play in a  tree top obstacle course.

The scene today was a challenge between two elves competing for the illustrious title of head elf.

One of my Teamster brethren, Anthony, looking all sheepish bringing a smart car in for one of the scenes tomorrow. (don't blame him, I personally would not be caught dead in one of these thangs!

Omg! The stunt elves are shooting a scene high above.

The boom lift was in place to transport the actors and stunt people up and down

all for the love of Santa??????????????
The next day the filming was on the road in Maple Ridge. The two leads spent all day in this little smart car, as the crew chased them up and down the streets.

We had to pull over and adjust some of the equipment, and these horses came running over to see what the heck was going on!

We ended the week in the historic town of Fort Langley. (the scene is a youth center is scheduled to be demolished, but at the last minute, miraculously, a special couple arrived to save the day

You better believe! Mrs. and Santa Claus save the day! (the crazy thing was, it was a record setting day, today, it got up to 27 Celsius, I guess the snow will show up in post production.) Hence, don't  sweat it Santa.

I racked up a ton of kilometres with the cast and director vehicle this week, time for some maintenance at Mr. Lube. (no link, not thrilled with their pushy sales tactics).

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