Friday, April 3, 2015

Officially unemployed..........

As I look up to the clouds, I wonder what my next job will be. The film industry is not for the feint of heart.

A day off, checked out the car show at the Vancouver Convention center. No need to walk any farther, I found my car! A Rolls Royce Phantom. The price tag? $869,000. It wasn't that bad. I only have to make payments until 2069.
The bumper sticker on this Lamborghini will say "my other car is a Rolls!"
Outside of the convention center looking south up Burrard Ave.
This week on the WWE film Interrogation, took us downtown once again. We were at an art studio on Main and Alexander, apparently it was once an iron works.

It's hard to shoot a film outside when the road is still open to the public.
Inside, one of the sets that is one of the actor's homes in the film.

As I wait for my next duty, I can see the action in my rear view mirror.

In front of me I saw a lot of these posters, it's up to you to check it out.
This shot was at lunch time, the camera is set down in front of the set.

The movie is set in Minnesota, hah! We fool the world again.
Later in the week we were back downtown. I just like the old buildings around Vancouver.

another example, this was right beside our set, our work trucks were parked out front.

I have a strange fascination for alleys, this one led to our set.

As I waited outside set in the alley for the director, I wondered about these fire escapes on this building. What if they ever actually had to be used?

Picking up the director, parked beside this sign.

Well, I can tell you they could not pay me enough for that job.
Outside the Fairmont Pacific Rim. If you can zoom in on this pic, there is a word on each unit, if you can't, well it's a nothing pic.

Looking outside of our lunchroom location

The actors and stunt people were rehearsing one of the scenes. They used a business lobby to look like a bank foyer.
Later in the week we moved to a location on North Vancouver close to the Iron Worker's Memorial bridge spanning Vancouver to North Vancouver.


Behind the set, I spied, or should I say this seal was spying me.

Our circus was at the old set for the t.v. show "Falling Skies"

Trees growing out of dead trees.................
on set, the scene was for the two stars, who play cops, to come out of a tunnel. This shot is of the camera inside the tunnel, which is mounted on the end of the beam that you can see.

Meanwhile, one of the goofier errands I have ever done was to go to Wal-Mart in North Vancouver for the director and pick up...............

an Ironman doll, a joke gift for the director of photography, who apparently owns a van he nicknamed Ironman.

The star of the show, wrestler Edge, on the day, was supposed to crawl into that tunnel, and scurry out on action. Wow, he's 6ft 6in and 250 lbs. OMG!
Things are calmer behind set.

One of the scenes involved a bank vault that they built on this set, the door is wood, with brass plating. It has been used on other films.

It's all about the money, money, money baby!

A pic of the actors, from left to right, the director, Stephen Reynolds, Julia Benson, who plays Sara, Patrick Sabongul, who plays Vasti, Chris, who flew in from Britain and is friend of the director, Michael Rogers, who plays Eric, "The Edge", and the star Adam Copeland, and Paul Jarrett, who played Walter
Unemployed again!!!!!!!!!, you'd have to be a loon to be in this industry!

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