Sunday, April 12, 2015

Heart Matters.

I love the camera on my new Samsung Galaxy S5. I just happened to spot this as I was driving down the road in Fort Langley.
Was not unemployed for very long, and once again, another production using the old Riverview Hospital location for their filming. This is the Crease clinic front..........
and back. Even when it was open, it must have still been a dreary place.
Today, we were at the West Lawn building filming a t.v. pilot for NBC called Heart Matters, a potential series created from the memoirs of a real life heart surgeon, Kathy Magliato
Amazing how the film crew made this abandoned hospital look alive again
The reality view.
OMG, I was so lucky to be on set today with the very talented and lovely Virginia Kull. I was lucky enough to work with her last year on the filming of Gracepoint in Victoria, she played one of the leading roles, Beth Solano. Awesome to see her again.
These steam pipes are all over the grounds of Riverview. Apparently they heat all of the buildings on the property. It must be quite an underground network.
Touring around the grounds
The crew is setting up some lighting for some of the night shots

This plaque is very hidden, if I wasn't looking at one of those steam pipes, I never would have seen it.

I did not see 8 magnolia trees, just this one and a couple of other haggard looking trees.

My duties for the day were to shuttle people from the crew parking lot to set and circus. Parked outside of set, staring down one of the beastly work trucks, which I have driven before on another production

Looking out my driver's window, I spied this flowering plant. (I am not an expert on plants, feel free to identify it)

This was my ride on the show, a Ford Transit, which can hold 14 passengers.
More touring, more blooming
Virginia had to show me how to take a selfie, I have a long way to go in the tech world.

This was inside the hair and make-up trailer, where the all the magic happens for the actors. The trailer is 53 feet long, and looks like an actual beauty salon.
This set was the heart surgery operating room and theatre. It was not at Riverview. For some of the hospital scenes, they move to MJA studios in South Burnaby. The attention to detail was very impressive. They even brought in a hospital technician person to make sure everything looked real. Apparently this pilot will be picked up, but unfortunately the rumour mill has it that NBC will take the film to Los Angeles.
Across the street, I finally found a place in the Vancouver area, I may be able to afford!
After working 5 long days on Heart Matters, I and a lot of the crew switched over to a re-shoot of a scene on the t.v. series Bates Motel. This church on the first nations land in Fort Langley was a familiar sight. We parked our circus close to there when I worked on the t.v. series Cedar Cove a couple of years ago.

Looking across the mighty Fraser River towards Fort Langley

Looking east.

Just down the road is the abandoned Albion ferry dock, which used to take people across to Maple Ridge. Now they take the Golden Ears toll bridge.

Look  up, look wayyyyyyyyyy up!
The filming was done in a cabin on a farm in Fort Langley. What a peaceful setting it was, so far removed from the congestion and business of downtown Vancouver

The cabin's windows were covered up to portray the look of a night scene

Three seasons done, funny I only worked on the one day, but I got a piece of cake!
A mini break, finally, off down the Coquihalla highway towards Summerland to see my daughter on her birthday.

Spring time in the Okanagan looking east across Okanagan Lake

and south towards Penticton. Officially unemployed again................hmnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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